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  1. Myk

    Borom is back! We are saved!

  2. Myk

    How long until Borom and Jenkins?

    What I'm finding on the internet, mid November is the earliest for Jenkins. But he didn't get any camp did he? Borom was available to return this week. I'm seeing 4-6-12 weeks for an ankle. Is there any idea how bad it was?
  3. Myk

    Remember when Mayfield was a bust?

    Browns saved up a ton of draft capital, spent it all at once and they still sucked. Instead of going along with fans blaming players they went with Occam's Razor. Bears aren't quite there with the talent but we have enough to expect more. We just went through one high prospect, blamed him, got...
  4. Myk


    I don't recall the Bears having this many OL in for the offseason before. Are there any hopeful to stick in the list of spares? James Daniels 68 OL 6-4 295 21 2 Iowa Rashaad Coward 69 OL 6-6 320 24 2 Old Dominion Cody Whitehair 65 OL 6-4 310 26...
  5. Myk

    Did Trubisky start using cheat sheets?

    Looking at game 4 his left arm band grew. Checked videos of games 1, 2 & 3, short wrist bands. They weren't focusing on him enough to notice him reading from it and I didn't get a good view to be sure that's what it is.
  6. Myk

    OT: OT Colts sign J'Taco

    Y'all said we don't need an OT high in the draft because OTs are a dime a dozen. They must be some pretty stale donuts for J'Taco to be seeing the field again.
  7. Myk

    I'll be pissed if we pass on...

    Who do you expect A) has a fair chance at being there at 8 (justify it) or another round and B) we pass on that will always chafe your nuts every time you see him make a play for another team? Any spot is fair game. I think Barkley could drop below 8 because of a lack of need for a RB vs QB...
  8. Myk

    Trubisky to AR-15

    Watch the video cut. Should get some exited.
  9. Myk

    2nd guessing Trubisky & the "Deep Class of '19"

    While running the draft sim often some of the QBs were there at 8. I got to wondering if we would've been better off waiting. Trubisky graded 6.54 "should be pro-bowl". The only one higher this year is Darnold 7.10 "pro-bowl". Close would be Mayfield 6.09 "instant starter". Usually Rosen is the...
  10. Myk

    Trubisky beat Watson PFF

    No idea how they rated the 1st round picks 950778207325904896
  11. Myk

    Defend your draft strategy

    It's clear some want defense, some want offense. Defend yourself. I want offense 1st. Our offense is clearly the worst of the two and we have a developing QB who doesn't need to be left hanging for years. We have a top 10 defense. We have a bottom 3 offense. After looking at our ratings I'm...
  12. Myk

    Teams for QB

    I see people saying 4 QBs taken before us. I'm not seeing it (as definite at least). By my count the 4 before us is at least 50% wishful thinking. Browns, Giants, Colts, Jets. Giants and Colts are far from sure QBs. Since Palmer retired Cousins would go to AZ before the Browns $100M cap space...
  13. Myk

    Mahomes to start Sunday

    Let the whining or I told you so's commence (based on one game).
  14. Myk

    My Cause My Cleats

    Bernard Berrian is rolling over in his grave. It may be that I'm biased but the Bears' players' causes are lacking inspiration (actually most of the NFL players are). Overly popular causes that don't need the free advertising, even if some are not the big names of the issues. We need to spread...
  15. Myk

    Who's running the scouts now?

    Is Sanchez finally earning his keep or are they getting Glennon all the practice they can to develop him? (For our defense's sake I hope it's Sanchez.)
  16. Myk

    40 years 4 1st Round QBs 2 SuperBowls 1 bust

    McMahon #5, Super Bowl win McNown #12, bust Harbaugh #26, Pro Bowl, AFC Player of the year (obviously not with the Bears) Grossman #22, Super Bowl loss Trubisky #2, _______ I'd say the Bears' have good luck at picking first round QBs and Trubisky being the highest we've taken, highly projected...
  17. Myk

    Neighbor was at the game

    I picked his brain about what he saw in real life not limited by screen size or influenced by the talking heads. He thinks coaches were holding Glennon back the first half. But he is slow (which everyone saw on TV). Very hyped about Cohen. More hyped from live action than many of us from TV...
  18. Myk

    From today's press conference.

    Fox feels better about our depth at TE. LOL, Ya think??? 904759434798284801
  19. Myk

    Dolphins/Eagles starters only 1qtr

    Both teams done after 1. I sure hope Titans don't do that. OK if the Bears do that with Glennon "to preserve his health". If you didn't tune in, Cutler was bad (sack fumble), Cutler was great (long ball I haven't seen him do basically since we got him WRs).
  20. Myk

    Rex Grossman first impressions

    Rex Grossman first impressions? I didn't see Rex's preseason games, I had Bears on my ignore list until I saw news of Orton's wins in '05 and the D pulled me back into watching games. I do remember many fans were very impressed by Rex's early performances. For those who saw him from the...