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  1. CubandBear

    canceled direct tv after 18 years(Bears games)
  2. CubandBear

    Bears Fan Roll-Call: Introduce Yourself And Start Posting!

    Sounds like you got on during the Jim Miller era...THE TURKEY!! ONE "expert" picked the Bears!!....I always liked the name "Sam" Last AND LEAST??...Jimmy boy didn't pick his team for Sunday night...
  3. CubandBear


    I'm just exercising what is known as a "sense of humor". How long you been a Bear fan??
  4. CubandBear


    (Pace wanted a Drew Brees. Mahomes is black...or half black. Was it a race thing??...NEVER KNOW)!
  5. CubandBear


    I understand yer point here. I hoped the same way during the Trubisky abortion!!...Maybe Mitchall was screwed??....I don't think so. It's more like Pace screwed BEAR FANS!!!
  6. CubandBear


    A subscriber to ANAListics, no doubt??
  7. CubandBear


    Bear fan as far back as Ed O. I got on when Sayers was in his prime,....I take that back. His career was too short. Didn't have a chance to reach his prime.....ANYWAY....I don't subscribe to ANAListics....nothing personnel. Never seen a QB like Montana....(On the Bears)....I have HOPE, and...
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    I like to call it "ANAListics".........we got us a mobile QB (If he wants to be)
  9. CubandBear

    Im glad we got Justin over Russell Wilson

    ....and you thought Trubisky was better than Mahomes?
  10. CubandBear

    Bears Fan Roll-Call: Introduce Yourself And Start Posting!

    I been on since 68. First QB for the Bears in my Bear history?...JACK FREAKIN CONCANNON!!....It gets worse. If I remember right the next one was Bobby Douglas. I'm tired of NOT having a REAL QB. ...and I don't want to hear JIM FREAKIN MCMAHON!!!! It's no use........DUMBAZZ Pace missed...
  11. CubandBear

    Darnell Mooney "Sucess doesn't happen by accident"

    Best thing the Bears can do is shitcan Miller!!.....CUT HIM! ain't getting nothing for his worthless ass!
  12. CubandBear

    100 catches for 1200 yards

    You got it In comparison to the other WR's the Bears have, he is in the top in a "mirage"
  13. CubandBear

    Mitchell Trubisky's Turnaround

    .........HOLD ON!....that red zone, hail Mary interception he threw, may show retardation in poor Mitch!...Better get rid of him!
  14. CubandBear

    Mitchell Trubisky's Turnaround

    He has had an inexperienced start briefly, in College, and he is in the process of progression. He is still progressing. Are you looking for Drew Brees? Bears passed him up. they had their future in Cade Freakin McNown! Schidt fer brains Pace was looking for Drew Brees, and that is why he...
  15. CubandBear

    How confident are you about us getting to the playoffs?

    To get to the playoffs, and have any chance of beating the Packers to get there, The Bears can't be this retarded. The "end around" at the goal line, and the interception in the end zone. Both plays were retarded. I give credit to Mitch for complaining about the "end around", but how long has...
  16. CubandBear

    Trubisky will be playing for the Steelers next year

    How do you know he's got a big dick?
  17. CubandBear

    Mitch Vs. Nickie

  18. CubandBear


    This is the Bears Sunday
  19. CubandBear

    Shaheen > Kmet

    Bears fergot to wipe their ass