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  1. jtreal3

    DK Metcalf Trade Options

    And wouldn't be as good as DK
  2. jtreal3

    DK Metcalf Trade Options

    Give them 2023 1st...I mean most want a WR with that pick anyway so why not get a proven star!? throw in Quinn and a 4th too
  3. jtreal3

    Velus Jones Jr

    Wow what a great guy! I really didn't know about that
  4. jtreal3

    24th civil suit filed against Watson..

    lmfao the Browns traded for that...they could of waited This dude is gonna miss most of if not all of the season
  5. jtreal3

    Marion Barber dead at 38

    I'm guessing he was vaxxed! Sad.
  6. jtreal3

    Justin Fields: Our WRs are good enough.

    The only thing I'm worried about is the line And cat people
  7. jtreal3

    RUH ROH LOL LIONS 1st rounder has some question marks already???

    Even though I still wanna fight you I got your back on this brother!
  8. jtreal3

    First Round Draft Choice for Deebo?

    No The only WR I'd be down for the Bears trading a 1st for would be DK Metcalf!
  9. jtreal3

    Jay Cutler sleeping with friends wife

    Alright Jay!!! That's my QB!
  10. jtreal3

    ESPN FPI: Bears best odds to win #1pick

    ESPN is the worst! they're cnn of the sports world Fuck them
  11. jtreal3

    RG3 wants to join Bears after 4.48 40 time

    It can't hurt and he should come cheap!
  12. jtreal3

    Top WR Free Agents

    Has Julio Jones really fell of that far?
  13. jtreal3

    Rate Ryan Poles Draft

    Fuckin A!
  14. jtreal3

    *** OFFICAIL *** 2022 NFL DRAFT IGT - Round 4-7 || 4/30 @ 11:00AM - ESPN

    Sorry players like that only come around once in a life time
  15. jtreal3

    *** OFFICAIL *** 2022 NFL DRAFT IGT - Round 4-7 || 4/30 @ 11:00AM - ESPN

    Shit I'd trade his bust ass for their 5th and 7th round picks!
  16. jtreal3

    Who is the most handsome RB ever drafted?

    I'm hard just thinking about it!
  17. jtreal3

    I got another "A" with this mock I did...

    LMFAO...Grown ass men!