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  1. The worst part about the Bears incompetence

    is that despite their obvious ineptitudes, they act like they are the smartest people in the room. Why do they always hire a coach before the GM, if it isn’t because they think their judgment is better than the new GM? I have no doubt they are actively searching for a HC right now before GM
  2. The dreadful impacts of CTE

  3. Ernie Accorsi

    Who does he pick next? Who do you want as the next GM of the Bears?
  4. Khalil Herbert

    I’m the conductor of the “Pace is awful and should have been fired years ago” train. But I’ll give some props where it’s due. For an offense that lacks high end talent, Khalil Herbert shown flashes of being able to be a key piece for the next great Bears team. First start and the de facto...
  5. Thoughts on Desai after 1/4 of the season

    Is he still Mel Tucker? Seems to be doing alright so far with some aging players in a new scheme.
  6. Greenberg: Fields will see increased snaps today

    Just read Twitter
  7. Early Talk of Loaded ‘22 Free Agent Class (Bears have space for a big ticket guy)

    Pretty loaded draft for all positions outside QB. Some big name players at many positions the Bears have needs at, and my understanding is the Bears should have money for 1 big ticket free agent even with an A rob extension, and 2 if he walks. Who do you target next year if you are Ryan Pace...
  8. Finally a Franchise QB

    Hope you all are ready for another decade of Pace and Nagy
  9. Robbie Gould will say Dalton was excellent move

    Robbie Gould has constantly reinforced Pace’s terrible decisions over the last few years. The guy really hates the Bears in the worst way. Within the next 2 months, he will say that Dalton is an excellent QB and the Bears are SuperBowl Contenders. I guess this is a call it thread. No need to...
  10. Zach Ertz

    With all the QB discussion and effort, the Bears will still need fill a void at tight end assuming Graham is gone. I know most expect Kmet take a major step forward but Ertz is really good too and having two really good tight ends gives the team a unique dimension. The Eagles are going to...
  11. Montgomery, 3 firsts and a 2nd for an unhappy Russell Wilson 😞

    More Russell Wilson unhappy reports coming out. There’s a chance that Russ could be the big name traded this off season instead of Watson. It seems like Pete Caroll wants to go back to 90s footbaw instead of letting his elite QB drop back 40 times. What would be a fair offer to get a player...
  12. Is there a team you enjoy rooting for when the Bears are hibernating?

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the chargers, and Herbert is my favorite non-Bears player to watch. What team do you find yourself rooting for when the Bears aren’t playing or having a down year?
  13. Who’s the next QB Bust that Pace drafts?

    Will it be Lance? Will it be Traask? Maccy Jones?
  14. Was it worth it?

    For the people that couldn’t stand the thought of temporarily rooting against the bears for a higher draft pick or them tanking, was it worth it for ya? Was getting embarrassed on National TV as we all knew they would worth not having a top 10 pick? I bet Trey Lance is looking real good now 😂...
  15. Is it safe to say Trubisky is a massive bust?

    Like Ryan Leaf? Please discuss this fascinating topic.
  16. Super Bowl?

    Anybody else think the Bears are going to the ship this year? The offense is clicking at the right time. Bears vs Chiefs
  17. Jordan Love

    The Bears will need to find a QB desperately going into 2021 and it’s looking like there could be 4 QBs taken before the Bears pick. Would you trade 2021 2nd round pick for a guy who spent a year learning behind Rodgers and was a 1st round pick in 2020? I liked JL a lot coming out of college...
  18. Brian Daboll an interesting HC candidate

    He developed Josh Allen into one of the best QBs in the league, and Allen was greener than Trubisky when drafted. The Bills have a great offense despite a limited rushing attack, and scheming rushing is his speciality going back to his Patriots days. Speaking of which he’s been a part of 5...
  19. Montgomery or Hicks at tailback

    Who would you rather give the ball to on 4th and short with the game on the line?
  20. Nagy or Trestman

    Which make-a-wish-foundation coach was more of a dumpster fire?