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  1. SugarWalls

    Chris Simms QB rankings

    Many of the boomers on this board don’t seem to respect Chris Simms at all and claim he has click bait takes. I’ve been listening to him over the years and he has some good takes imo. his rankings by year for QB prospects: 2018 - Lamar Jackson, josh Allen, baker mayfield, Sam darnold, josh...
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    Can we rip our dicks off now?

    This topic has been pretty hotly debated the last few weeks. Some of us have been doing mild-moderate amounts of criticism, which others have deemed "cunting" (whatever that means). It has been suggested that some posters here have gone as far to rip their literal dicks off. Sounds quite...
  3. SugarWalls

    The biggest blunder of the season so far .....

    Was starting Mitchell trubisky and then pulling him way too early. I was in favor of starting foles and letting him play until he got injured, or unless he plays like shit. Now here we are and aikman said it tonight, you have to be thinking at some point so you go back to trubisky? It’s going...
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    GOATS of the week (in a bad way)

    Clip starts at 8:40 Discuss.
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    Foles lectures Nagy on Offense

    We all saw it happening on the side line .... Foles tried to save Nagy from pulling a Nagy by wanted to go no huddle but the man just cannot help himself. He bungled the drive with his usual nonsense and the bears had to settle for a field goal. Offensive genius my ass.
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    This team is still bad

    Foles is an upgrade to trubisky. Trubisky is done. He’s not a starter. There’s no chance he becomes a top 25 QB. That being said - was his team is still bad. Foles came in and the offense failed to put points up on the board in the 3rd quarter. It’s kind of like trubisky’s miraculous 4th...
  7. SugarWalls

    Nothing has changed

    This is the same team as last year. For all the talk of a revamped TE group .... didn’t look like much different to me. Don’t kid yourselves. That lions defense is trash. On top of that a player got ejected and another player in the secondary got injured. There is absolutely 0 excuse for the...
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    Bears Run Game

    The big question this year for me is not about Trubisky and Foles (both are bad), but more about wtf does Matt Nagy do, and how does he change the run game. Last year the bears run game was abysmal, setting record lows with back up QB chase daniel against the raiders where the bears were only...
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    Bears need a #2 WR

    The bears should absolutely be taking BPA on offense for both of their round 2 picks next year. OG is the number one need for this team, and TE is a very close second. The bears simply do not have time to draft and develop a TE unless an absolute can’t miss prospect is there. I don’t foresee...
  10. SugarWalls

    What player is top 15

    What player on this offense is not in the bottom half of the league at their respective position? I was going to say top 10 initially but in hind sight maybe I should say top 20. Is there a single player on this team that could move to another and would immediately be a better player, without...
  11. SugarWalls

    Chris Simms R.I.P.S Matt Nagy

    Clip starts at 17:20 and goes to about 19 minutes in. Highlights of the discussion: "The talent is overrated, Matt Nagy is overrated, and the QB play is not good" "Tired of hearing about Matt Nagy not being able to install his whole offense with Mitchell Trubisky. Well if that game (vs...
  12. SugarWalls

    We in the middle of Trestman 2.0

    Nagy has been figured out. He needs to get this offense on track or it’s done. Last year trubisky was the problem. Plain and simple. Last year we saw guys running WIDE open and trubisky would sail it. How many times last year did we see Gabriel or Miller open with all the room in the world. So...
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    This guy was so ‘special’ against the dolphins wtf happened to him against the colts. He is seriously wasting a special defense. It seems like he is the sack eating expert of the entire NFL. Truly special when it comes to holding on to the ball too long. I was told this guy was a lock for the...
  14. SugarWalls

    Russell Wilson

    Russell Wilson << Mitchell Trubisky? He's underthrowing the deep ball on a route that was an easy TD to lockett, and he is over throwing easy TD passes in the end zone to doug baldwin. Is Russell Wilson a shit QB like Dear sweet Mitchell? Or is this just what QB play actually looks like?
  15. SugarWalls

    Allen robinson

    I’ve been saying that although Allen Robinson hasn’t put up the stats there has just been something different about this offense. I didn’t know how to describe it, but these guys just felt different. I think we saw it today. Bears have a real #1 WR.
  16. SugarWalls

    The wildcard playoff picture

    Taking a look around the NFC top wildcard candidates are: The panthers at 5-2 sitting behind presumable division winning saints. I see the panthers as nearly a lock for the wild card spot, though I haven’t delved into their remaining schedule. The bucs are trash, the falcons are a floundering...
  17. SugarWalls

    This team is missing....

    A feature back. Cohen is a star, but he is not a bell cow back. Howard is nothing special. This is not an overreaction to this game and his fumble, that is just the simple fact of the matter. He lacks explosive play making ability. He can’t make people miss. His strength comes with running...
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    PFF's thoughts on Nagy and Bears O
  19. SugarWalls

    What would it take to be positive about the season

    Pretty unanimously this off season has been looked at as favorable by those on this board, and by NFL analysts. However, there seems to be 2 types of posters here being: 1. Those that think the off season went well and will result in wins 2. Those that think the off season went well but are not...