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  1. remydat

    Remydat's Roster Evaluation

    So there has obviously been a lot of talk about the Bears roster and whether we did enough for Fields. So I figured I would go through all the changes made and grade them from 1 to 10. Let's start with the defense. Note that while the Bears were a 3-4 in base they largely played nickel 75% of...
  2. remydat

    Is this a Top Defense?

    RDE - Quinn, Robinson NT - Blackson, Tonga 3T - Jones, Edwards LDE - Gipson, Muhammed WLB - Quan MLB - Morrow Nickel back - Young, Shelley, Cruishank LCB - Johnson, Graham Jr RCB - Gordon, Vildor FS - Jackson, Hicks SS - Brisker, DHC Looking at the above the D really doesnt have a lot of holes...
  3. remydat

    Remydat Draft Thoughts

    So going into this draft, I was pretty gung ho about improving at WR and OL. So I can't say this is the draft I would have went with but perhaps it was the draft we needed. So let's get into each pick. R2 (39) — CB Kyler Gordon, Washington - All the WRs I would have wanted here were gone and...
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    More Coaches Join Flores Lawsuit

  5. remydat

    Remydat Full Rebuild Mock Draft

    Full Rebuild Mock Offseason - All Vets Must Go First I used dennehy’s mock as a base so go check that out. Left some of his commentary unchanged as didn't feel like rewriting it if it was still applicable. Pre-Combine Mock Offseason The premise here is that this is a full rebuild with 2023 to...
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    Remydat 2nd Mock Offseason

    So now that the Bears front office and coaching staff is taking shape, let's do another mock offseason. Here was the first one I did. And the current cap which is 28.7 million and 41 players signed...
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    Remydat 1st Mock Offseason Ok per OTC, we are at 41m in cap space with 28 players signed. Sounds like a lot of cap space but that is a little over 2m a player for 18 players. So we can't really target huge money guys so here is how I would approach the offseason. CUTS...
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    Fields & Borom Are The Future

    Vildor is not. That is all!
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    Fields vs Lions

    Have to cobble this together as couldn't find a youtube that had all his plays. Pass 1 - Focus this week seems to be throwing on time and this was a good example of Fields throwing just as the defender chasing Kmet gives him a window. Sometimes you just gotta take what the D gives you. Pass...
  10. remydat

    Sean Desai for Head Coach

    Funny how after the Rams people were dancing on his grave and blaming him for the players being stupid. It seems clear now that the guy can coach. The Browns are the No 1 pass blocking OL and No 1 run blocking OL and for a decent part of the game, the Bears mauled them in the passing game...
  11. remydat

    Fields vs Browns

    Run 1 - Nothing really open for Fields so he scrambles for a decent gain. Sack 1 - The OL blocking on this is atrocious but so is Fields pocket presence. You can see the pocket collapsing right away but the Browns have zero contain. Instead of scrambling to his right where he can run or throw...
  12. remydat

    Fields vs Bengals Review

    All and all, this was an inconsistent performance by Fields. His WRs clearly didn't help him out as much as they could have but he needs to pull the trigger a bit faster on some of these throws and/or get out of the pocket and to the boundary where he can run or draw the D in and throw over the...
  13. remydat

    Bears vs Rams Review - Was Nagy and Desai the problem?

    My conclusion in reviewing the tape is that Nagy is a problem but not in the way people are saying. Nagy's problem is his stupidity in going away from stuff that is working like Monty and the gimmick shit that kills momentum and drives. You can also say his problem is choosing Dalton over...
  14. remydat

    Justin Fields - Key Metrics

    A lot of talk regarding Fields and the other QBs so thought I would focus on a couple of areas that perhaps explains why Nagy is going with Dalton for right now. 1. Time to throw - For all his talent Fields had the longest time to throw in college of the top QB prospects and actually led all...
  15. remydat

    Fields vs Titans

    Sack 1 - While his OL did not help him, with the Titans up on the line, if he quickly steps up in the pocket and let the outside rushers rush past him he can take a shot deep to the WR at the top of the screen as it is one on one. Fields has to read the rush a bit better here and step up faster...
  16. remydat

    Fields on Jimmy Graham

    “I can give you a little funny yesterday at lunchtime. One of the plays we ran yesterday, we had Jimmy (Graham) on a linebacker, and usually that’s a pretty good matchup with Jimmy out there one-on-one. I think all of us would maybe throw him the ball. And one high safety. And Justin (Fields)...
  17. remydat

    Fields vs Bills Week 2 Review.

    Pass 1 - Though Fields missed the read on this on. Freeze at 2 seconds and Fields has to realize this play is dead on arrival as there are 3 defenders looking at the side of the field Fields is looking to throw but only 2 WRs. That should let him know that on the other side of the Field he has...
  18. remydat

    Justin Fields - Preseason Game 1 Review

    Pass 1 - don't like this play design at all. Part of the problem with roll-outs is it cuts down on options and makes it easier for the D to defend. This play is pretty much dead on arrival because the End gets bump on the WR before he even gets past the LoS and the actual defender responsible...
  19. remydat

    Edge Defender Rankings - Guess who is No 1

    1. KHALIL MACK, CHICAGO BEARS Mack falls outside the top 10 edge defenders in the NFL in total sacks over the last two seasons, but that is just one number that doesn’t reflect how dominant he has been on the field. PFF’s wins above replacement metric, PFF WAR, pegged Mack as the league’s most...
  20. remydat

    Post Draft Mock Offseason

    With Fields now in the fold, here is how I would approach the rest of the offseason. 1. Extend Arob - New deal 4 years 81m with 16m SB. Base salaries are 8m, 17m, 20m and 20m with first 2 years guaranteed so 41m guaranteed in total. Cap hit for 2021 is 12m saving us 5.8m in cap space. With...