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  1. pinkfloydster

    List of 2021 Bears Players No Currently in the NFL

    Fun Fact. 15% of the Bears 53-man roster on day 1 of 2021 have either retired or cannot get a try out elsewhere in the NFL. That exculdes J.P. Holz who, by some miracle of God, has signed on with the Saints. Alec Ogletree Tashaun Gipson Jeremiah Attaochu Eddie Goldman Jason Peters Marqui...
  2. pinkfloydster

    Packer's Offensive Line Woes

    Packers defense is elite. For sure. But the offense is looking might vulnerable. Yea, Rodgers is elite. But he's 38. His WRs corps is probably the worst in the NFL. Now, both David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins are on the PUP list. That offensive line is looking as shaky as the Bears, at...
  3. pinkfloydster

    Justin Jones vs Mario Edwards

    Was wondering some of people's thoughts on who the Bears will have at 3T. I have to admit that I don't understand all the individual nuances of the Cover 2 defense. But what I do know is that having a 3T tackle is critical. Tommie Harris made it run last time it was used in Chicago. If you...
  4. pinkfloydster

    Bears Linebackers

    My initial reaction when learning the Bears were switching to a 4-3 was, they're hosed, because they don't have any resources to get a respectable group of linebackers. But I think Poles may have gone from trainwreck to respectable for that position group. Of course, Roquan is great. Nick...
  5. pinkfloydster

    48.64 million in dead cap space in 2023

    Yup. 48.64 million. And the culling is not done, IMO. This is what happens when you have a GM who runs a team like a Ponzi scheme. A guy who used injured reserve to hide bad assets instead of cutting people outright.
  6. pinkfloydster

    2021 Bottom Roster Guys Who Make it in 2022

    We've got time to kill. Thomas Graham doesn't count because it was malpractice that he didn't see more time. You gotta pick seemingly insignificant players who are going to be starters in 2022. This thread is meant to be wild guesses. I'll start. Bears resign Teez Tabor and he does well.
  7. pinkfloydster

    Vildor and Shelley....are they good?

    Carr is a good QB and the Raiders have a lot of legit targets on offense. I thought it was going to be an ugly day for those two. But not, so far. I think we might be okay at those spots. Anyone else think so?
  8. pinkfloydster

    What happened to Jason Peters at the end?

    For the final few series, when it was still important, Alex Bars replaced Peters? I think it happened after the sack/fumble when it was like 2nd and 34. Peters didn't dive for the ball that was in front of him. Didn't look like he sustained an injury at all. I think he was gassed, but was...
  9. pinkfloydster

    Does Nagy believe actually believe his BS

    Nagy is a head coach and face of the franchise. So, he always needs to put a positive spin on things. I get it. But then today happened. He described Jason Peters as having a lot of football left in him. I think it's a safe bet, so say Nagy has not seen Peters perform in full pads in 9...
  10. pinkfloydster

    Marqui Christian surprise starter

    I say surprise starter but that would be in the nickel package for Marqui Christian. Was watching Nicholas Moreano camp updates and he said he was running with the first team. I've always thought that the Bears were being a little short-sighted with not getting a fast inside linebacker. But...
  11. pinkfloydster

    How many rookies make the team?

    The combination of a good draft, and lack of draft picks/poor cap management is gonna create a situation where lots of rookies make the squad? Here's who I think makes it. This isn't a thread about who is an NFL starter quality candidate. Justin Fields Teven Jenkins Larry Borom Khalil Herbert...
  12. pinkfloydster

    Michael Pinckney signing

    Another change I've noticed with Bears organization is that they used to solve positional gaps by getting a bunch of UDFAs at a particular spot and conducting a competition. Remember the whole kicker fiasco? None of them made it None. Remember all of the Bearsbad tight ends they had at one...
  13. pinkfloydster

    Sam Mustipher

    Looks like it’s Mustipher. Can’t say I am excited about that. But he must have impressed enough.
  14. pinkfloydster

    Robert Quinn???.

    Injured? Not good anymore? Double teamed?
  15. pinkfloydster

    Danny Trevathan PFF grade

    28...can't say I've ever seen one that low.
  16. pinkfloydster

    Eddie Pineiro v. Ramiz Ahmed competition may be interesting

    First, let me apologize for this absolutely boring thread. I mean, back up kicker thread? Really? I get it. But, we have time to kill. That said, Ramiz Ahmed actually has a good story for hidden gem. He walked on spontaneously at real training...AS A JUNIOR! It was a whim. He...
  17. pinkfloydster

    Bradley Sowell and Kerrith Whyte -Clear mistake

    As we all know, Pace's propensity to give up draft picks gives the Bears little margin for error managing their long-term prospects. That said, one mistake that was really abject stupidity was keeping Sowell on and off the roster while putting Kerrith Whyte on the practice squad. We all know...
  18. pinkfloydster

    Hub Arkush on Trubisky

    Here's the article. The question he poses is: "Washington will start Case Keenum this week, Tampa Bay Jameis Winston, Minnesota Kirk Cousins, Buffalo Josh Allen, Miami Ryan...
  19. pinkfloydster

    Really good Trubisky/Rodgers analysis by Packer Blogger

    I really like it. Thought I would share. I think he is spot on, actually.
  20. pinkfloydster

    PFF graded Bears Giants and Alex Bars did well

    The UDFA development hasn't been the most exciting this year for the Bears. However, Alex Bars graded well. That's huge IMHO, in a year where there were so few draft picks. Great find in a year where offensive guards were coveted...