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  1. baselman1974

    Lightfoot trying to get the Bears to stay??

    Kanye instead of burning a house in soldier field. He should’ve burnt soldier field down. It’s the ugliest NFL stadium now. Before Oakland was Now we are. It’s time for a change.
  2. baselman1974

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Traded a 1st rounder for him for a year of service? That's a bad rate of return.
  3. baselman1974

    Lightfoot trying to get the Bears to stay??

    Why rent when a team can own stadium and surrounding land for big $$$$. Also Bears’ having own stadium will double their worth. Lightfoot is only fooling herself. This is a done deal.
  4. baselman1974

    OT: USC & UCLA to Big 10

    Does the Pac-12 have the money and exposure of the Big 10? To be honest it’s a win-win situation for both. Makes Big 10 stronger and USC-UCLA will get more exposure from the East coast to Midwest. Pac-12 can’t make its conference better. They lost their chance when Texas was flirting to go...
  5. baselman1974

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    You are telling me none of those NFL QBs got endorsement deals. Especially Burrow or Herbert? Come on this is clickbait.
  6. baselman1974

    Which Bear is Most Likely to Steal Your Girl?

    Josh Bellamy and jay Cutler. They already proven trying to steal teammates gfs and best friends wife.
  7. baselman1974

    OT: Brady v Manning

    Here is one for you. Aikman> Brady if Jimmy Johnson stayed in Dallas. Heck Aikman and that Dallas team won one with Switzer as HC. Jerry Jones ego blew up that team. A damn shame.
  8. baselman1974

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    If the Rams didn’t trade away all their draft capital already, they would be in this. Green Bay never do trades for established players.
  9. baselman1974

    OT: Brady v Manning

    Joe Montana is the QB GOAT. Brady first 3 SBs relied in Vinatieri and Defense. From 2001-2006, Brady's numbers were above average. 2:1 touchdown ratio and close to 4000 yards passing. Seattle and Atlanta should've won, but both choked. Raiders won that game in 2001 playoffs. That was a...
  10. baselman1974

    Which player did you want to pan out for the Bears the most?

    Neal Anderson, He was on his way to be another Bears All Pro running back until Anderson's dad murdered his (father's) girlfriend before '91 season. Anderson was never the same, and quit 3 years later.
  11. baselman1974

    I’m in your shitty city !!

    Johnnies in elm wood park is best beef in world.
  12. baselman1974

    Christian Watson having problems in OTA

    Christian Watson=Stephen Hill.
  13. baselman1974

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Pittsburgh finds WRs from 2nd-6th rounds due to good scouting and taking chances. The receivers recently that Steelers picked in 1st Rd were Plexico Burress and Santonio Holmes. They have a good scouting staff.
  14. baselman1974

    Roquan Smith allegations from girl on Tik Tok

    If anything happened, the woman should’ve went to police in February instead of doing TIK TOK in May. Some stupid shit that demeans other victims out there. This is just a money grab. Now it’s a he said, she said thing instead collecting evidence and a rape kit. How can we take this...
  15. baselman1974

    Bears are literally throwing Velus Jones into the fire per pro football and i am HERE FOR IT

    VJJ is a smart matured dude. That’s what you get at 25. He has a Master’s degree and most probably can pick up things faster. Also another thing I like about VJJ, He runs a 4.31. You can’t teach that.
  16. baselman1974

    Trade for QB Murray

    $70 million a year? Lost them the playoffs last year. No thank you. LOL!!!!
  17. baselman1974

    Jerry Jones Grades

    Fuck you anytime. My computer screen broke with that pic.
  18. baselman1974

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Basically pick plays. Notice the TE basically clearing it out for the underneath receiver.
  19. baselman1974

    Velus Jones Jr

    Calvin Ridley was 24 when he came out. Didn't take for him to breakout. Also Covid was a major factor in this years and last years draft. there are older players in the draft now. Also no one was complaining when Leonard Floyd was 24 when he was drafted in 1st round. Stop complaining and...