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  1. gallagher

    It feels good watching Sunday football, having already won our game.

    Normally I hate football on Thursdays. I do not like giving players short weeks, and I think those short weeks make for worse football. But goddamn it if it doesn't feel good to have won on a Thursday night. This is a great Sunday; the leaves are falling, the air is fresh, the sky is clear and...
  2. gallagher

    How much do you chalk up to not having a preseason?

    No pass rush, hot-and-cold passing offense, and our OL seemed streaky too. Given that there was no preseason, I was not shocked that we came out slow. I am shocked that it took us so long to get into the endzone. And really, we had a few chances at TDs to ARob and Graham that could have gone...
  3. gallagher

    FINALLY for Floyd!

    Way to go, he finally is on the board.
  4. gallagher

    Mack is outperforming entire defenses

    I know I know, another thread about how great Mack is. We all have seen the stat about how Mack is doing better than all of Oakland, but it isnt just them. While our entire defense leads the league in sacks with 14, Mack individually has 4. That ties the Giants, Patriots, and Rams. Oakland has...
  5. gallagher

    Who helps themselves the most in the HoF game tonight?

    It's the preseason, which means it is time for backups on guys on the bubble to emerge as candidates to fill out the final 53. Our starters aren't going to play (as they shouldn't) so there will be more reps to go around. So who do you think is going to help themselves the most tonight with a...
  6. gallagher

    Who is your favorite late-round prospect?

    We all like to consider the classic "diamond in the rough" players that can help turn the team around. This is especially so given that Pace has done a fairly good job of finding contributors on the third day of the draft. I was thinking, all this talk of who to get in the first and second round...
  7. gallagher

    It's official - Glennon is OUTTA HERE

    It's about damn time. Didn't see a thread on this on the first page, and I'm too excited to look any further back.
  8. gallagher

    Who is your ideal second round pick?

    So this board has been going nuts over who to take at #3. And while there has been some talk about our pick at 36 as well, I think that it would do well to discuss what we all see as a solid hit in the second round. Pace has so far gotten great value out of his second rounders, taking high...
  9. gallagher

    My only mock draft thread

    Since this board is swarming with mock drafts, I decided it was high time I threw my hat in the ring. I do not predict trades, this is only using the picks we have at this time. My overall plan is to get this team to take a step forward by bringing in young talent that will let us compete...
  10. gallagher

    Drafting a TE to be our primary receiver...

    Simply put, there is a lot of receiving talent in this draft's TE group. So much so that I think that we can get an outstanding receiving threat through the third round, and good options might last into the fourth. A TE can beat double teams due to generally being more athletic than the LBs, and...
  11. gallagher

    Cam Meredith, QB of the future!

    He is objectively the best QB on our roster.
  12. gallagher

    Ok let's say a few things that were good about this game

    Now that my general frustration with Fox's over-conservative playcalling, lack of depth, and general ref fuckery is over, I am ready to start talking about things that give us hope for next season. 1) Once we decided to get Jeffrey the ball, we could see what a good WR he is. It would be...
  13. gallagher

    Rodgers already has 500 pass attempts on the year

    Or, to be exact - 502 passes. He is on pace to break his own personal record next week (572 attempts last season). I bring this up because Rodgers is fighting through leg injuries. They are passing 66% of the time (though that is in part because all of their RBs are hurt), and if we shut down...
  14. gallagher

    Do you think a good FS or CB would make a bigger impact on the team?

    It is no secret that our DBs suck ass. They have been put in a good position because we have a talented front-7, but we need our DBs to step up if we are to challenge for a playoff spot in the future. Our best CB is Porter, who really should be on his way out. Next up is Fuller, who is oft...
  15. gallagher

    Positive things that we can take away from week 10

    1) Floyd came to play and had another good game to build on. 2) Howard once again had several good runs. 3) Green Bay got punked pretty badly this week, too.
  16. gallagher

    NFCNews: Norv Turner resigns

    Link is here. This is surprising. Sure they haven't run well in APs absence, and are on a 2 game losing streak, but he was also the best offensive mind on the team! I dont know if he'll get a job before the offseason, but I dont imagine he'd come here to replace Loggains.
  17. gallagher

    Pace's Drafting Strategy

    I find that teams that consistently draft well have three things in common: (1) their scouting department has a clear vision as to how a player will fit within the coach's system, (2) they adhere to a solid drafting strategy on draft day, and (3) they are constantly letting draftees leaving...
  18. gallagher

    Does Jordan Howard get a TD today?

    He had a really good game, yards-wise, against Detroit last week, but has yet to find the endzone. I say it is time our new workhorse puts some points on the board. I'm guessing that today he gets at least 26 total touches, 150+ total yards, and 2 TDs.
  19. gallagher

    Which RB will be the first to log a 100 yard game?

    The question is simple enough. This is a RBBC, so any back will have to earn the amount of carries needed to cross 100 yards rushing OR tear off a big run. So which Bears RB do you think is the first to rush for 100 in a game? Bonus points if you predict the game he does it.
  20. gallagher

    Zach Mettenberger is available!

    He has moxie, he has starting experience, he has the intangible quality of being "anybody but Hoyer." Best of all, he is young enough that he has room to grow. Sign Him...