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  1. Does hiring of Eberflus mean a return to 4-3 defense?

    Question for smarter football minds than me, which doesn't require much. How do the pieces we already have fit in a 4-3?
  2. The Athletic: ‘We’re getting Justin Fields’: An exclusive look inside the tension, elation of Bears’ draft room
  3. Bears-Saints on Sunday

    Kamara will be eligible to play
  4. Tommie Harris visits Halas Hall
  5. Dane Sanzenbacher is now a news reporter
  6. 2016 Chicago Bears schedule opponents

    Home Philadelphia Washington Jacksonville Tennessee San Francisco 49ers Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Away Dallas NY Giants Houston Indianapolis New Orleans Saints/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers If Bucs beat the Panthers, we play...
  7. Kyle Fuller

    Would anybody happen to have the stats of balls thrown at him and completed for last night? I feel like I never heard his name, which is a good thing.
  8. Martellus Bennett calls Sims of Rams a little bitch

    In the post game interview haha
  9. Langford

    As much as it's going to suck to see Forte leave, today's game leaves me confident that we'll be in good hands with Langford going forward. Good drafting.
  10. Bears pick C Hroniss Grasu at #71

  11. UCLA vs. Kansas State bowl game --- Brett Hundley

    Seen his name come up sometimes. He's on ESPN right now, I'm interested to see how he does.
  12. We will be drafting at #7

    Good spot to be. Any early preferences?
  13. Is the franchise QB in this draft?

    Many people want to get rid of Cutler, but is the franchise QB in this draft and if so, who is it? I don't watch college football, so I'm limited to reading other websites' scouting reports, as well as the opinions of others on these message boards. If Mariota and Winston are off the board at...
  14. Is signing Suh this upcoming free agency a viable option? I have no clue if this guy has sources or not, but it's also not the first time I see our name being thrown in as a landing spot for Suh. Is this financially possible and is this something...
  15. Big Bang Theory takes shots at Biff

    no wonder he disappeared 9:48
  16. Bears really like Ratliff as the 3-tech
  17. Kyle Long going to probowl?

    I saw that Kyle Long is a probowl alternate, does that mean he is the 1st choice to go if somebody else can't? If that's the case, he's going to the probowl, since one of Vasquez(Broncos) or Mankins(Patriots) is going to the Superbowl and missing the probowl. Iupati would also miss the game if...
  18. Lovie and Brandon Marshall on Fox Football Live in 10 minutes

    They'll both be on in case anybody wants to watch. FS1, 5PM CT
  19. Alshawn Geoffreys TD gif

    Becoming a weekly thing, anyways here it is