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  1. baselman1974

    If Pace becomes President of football operations, the next GM will be

    Champ Kelly. McCaskeys are loyal and try to keep it in house.
  2. baselman1974

    Nick Foles>Dalton

    BD Nick actually change play calls. Lots of audibles. Rather have him teaching Fields than Dalton. What a fucking waste of money.
  3. baselman1974

    Why run behind Mustipher?

    This is idiocy.
  4. baselman1974

    Looked at what happened to Brady yesterday.

    He was rushed. Didn’t have time in the pocket. His receivers weren’t open. ( I know he lost some due to injury). Fumbled the ball in red zone. Scored 0 points. This is what Fields has to deal with all season long. Receivers not getting open, protection breaks down. At least TB has good...
  5. baselman1974

    People forgot how good Mahomes looked in last SB w/o

    His starting Tackles. Reid also pulled a Nagy by not relying on running game. Offense scored 9 points. I’ll give Fields a chance and see what he can do with competent coaching and O-line.
  6. baselman1974

    Since 1993, the Bears are last in playoff appearance in North.

    This is fucking depressing. Since 1993, the Packers were in the playoffs 21 times with 2 SBs. Vikings 14 times. Lions 8 times. Bears 7 times SB runner up. Yep we are worse than the Lions. This Organization went downhill when the McCaskeys took over. It’s time for the family to sell the team.
  7. baselman1974

    Where are the Bears halftime adjustments?

    I see them on Green Bay on offense and defense. Bears? Still not running th ball especially outside the tackles. No rollouts (GB uses them for Rodgers). GB running the ball. How about stopping the pick plays. Its pathetic. Bye Nagy and whole coaching staff. Also bye Pace. Fuck you for having...
  8. baselman1974

    Why is Nichols covering Aaron Jones?

    Horrible defensive design.
  9. baselman1974

    Nagy insists he wasn’t calling plays. We all know it’s bs. Those razzle dazzle and lack of run plays screams Nagy in 2nd half.
  10. baselman1974

    Why didn’t Nagy

    Do a locker room celebration for Dalton’s 200 passing yards today?
  11. baselman1974

    This team needs to be tore down.

    Not even Rodgers or Brady can win with roster nor coaching staff. Defense sucks. Offense sucks. Fire everybody for this clusterfuck.
  12. baselman1974

    Possible Illini draft targets

    1 . KerbyJoseph PFF No. 94 prospect. 1st All Big 10. Leads in INT. Physical and good tackler. Late 3rd round. Might go up with good combine. If he is there at 3rd round. Grab him 2 Blake Hayes 3third team ALL BIG 10. Consistent. Why pay O’Donnell $1 million a year? Grab Hayes with...
  13. baselman1974

    Nagy finally did something right.

    He didn’t allow his defense to go back on the field after game winning FG. His play calling is putrid. He has got to go.
  14. baselman1974

    Third week in row the Bears D blew the game.

    Why is Vildor still out there? Opposing teams will not show their hand until they have last possession. Pick on Vildor all day long. Fuck you Pace for putting Vildor as no. 2 CB.
  15. baselman1974

    This year's Bears D looks exactly like Mel Tucker's Bears D

    Its old like Mel's defense. Yesterday not one punt by opposing team. No sacks or TOs. Doesn't make defensive stops when needed. Opposing team scored on every possession. Tear it down. Trade who has value except Johnson, Smith, Nichols, Tonga, and Trevis Gipson. Replace players who are not...
  16. baselman1974

    The only difference between Leno and Peters

    Peters at least didn’t step on Fields when he was down after Peters had given up another sack.
  17. baselman1974

    This is how confident Rams coaches are kicking Bears' asses I don't blame McVay. Look who he is coaching against.
  18. baselman1974

    The Vikings are stupid.

    watch-carolina-practically-laughs-at-vikings-offer-for-justin-fields They could've had Justin Fields if they would've given up a 1st rounder, but alas they only wanted to give up a 2nd and 3rd rounder. Pace knew what had to be done. Teams were looking for a next year's 1st when Fields was...
  19. baselman1974

    Ok Adrian Amos whose laughing now?

    former-chicago-bears-safety-adrian-amos-trolls-the-team-after-the-andy-dalton-signing-bjs I remember this trolling ,but there was no comeback answer because he was fucking right. Dalton wasn't the answer. Now the Bears have Fields and Green Bay most likely lost Rodgers. Bears Fans remember...
  20. baselman1974

    Talk about lack of draft capital.

    Talk about the Bears don’t have many draft picks. Look at Seattle. This is their 2021 draft. 3 fucking picks. What a boring 3 days/nights for Seahawk fans.