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  1. PeppersSweater

    ESPN FPI: Bears best odds to win #1pick

    Assuming he doesn’t get killed, I think Justin Fields can win just enough games with his legs to prevent us from picking #1.
  2. PeppersSweater

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    How long do UDFA’s typically sign for?
  3. PeppersSweater

    Nitwit Bears WR coach think we good

    And Eberflus is the GM
  4. PeppersSweater

    Kyler Gordon

    Walterfootball mentions “major character issues”; any idea what he’s referring to?
  5. PeppersSweater

    OMG what did the Lions just do?

    Vikings fans have to be pissed about the value they surrendered. Terrible first move by their new GM.
  6. PeppersSweater

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Of note, dude is 25 years old.
  7. PeppersSweater

    Bears Sign Former Titans Safety Dane Cruikshank

    So why didn’t the Titans want this guy?
  8. PeppersSweater

    Finally The Packers Are Done

    Coming off back-to-back MVP years, I expect he’ll own the Bears for quite some time to come.
  9. PeppersSweater

    Finally The Packers Are Done

    Packers aren’t done until Rodgers is done. Didn’t they win the super bowl with half the team on IR?
  10. PeppersSweater

    Comp picks thread

    I’ve always wondered why one-year deals are so popular; potential comp picks?
  11. PeppersSweater

    Bears Free Agency only

    Poles wants linemen who are nasty and help their QB off the turf. I don’t recall ever seeing either from Daniels.
  12. PeppersSweater

    Bears to Sign DT Larry Ogunjobi from Bengals

    Just updated with chart through week 18 (previous chart only through week 14)
  13. PeppersSweater

    Next Year bears have 121M in cap space

    Now just need to unload those EJ, Goldman, Foles, Cohen, and Trevathan contracts!
  14. PeppersSweater

    Biggs says Daniels is looking for around 10m/yr

    Read this yesterday, and thought it was probably worthy of it’s own thread. Lot of discussion on here about the Jenkins penalty after the Vikings game. It’s interesting because Poles sounds pretty meathead and willing to accept penalties to stand up for the quarterback; whereas everything I read...
  15. PeppersSweater

    Bill polian on how many blue-chip players the Bears need

    According to Phil Emery, Shea McClellin was a blue chip special teamer…
  16. PeppersSweater

    1PM Conference call with George

    Not by name, but he did call out the play, which I thought was appropriate. Would love to see the bears bring in someone to reinstitute the loaf rule: No loafing allowed on Bears defense
  17. PeppersSweater

    Im just a fan, not an evaluator of football talent

    I actually appreciated him calling out Nagy on the qb thing and the fact that we've had NFL players repeatedly not playing to the whistle. But he did talk out of both sides of his mouth with that "I'm not an evaluator" comment.
  18. PeppersSweater

    1PM Conference call with George

    I like how George said the #1 trait he is looking for in a new GM/HC is "leadership", only to be followed a few minutes later by Ted saying, "You can't find better leaders than Matt & Ryan".