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  1. The Cat

    Looks like he is to be traded? What do we get for him and what is your opinion?
  2. Wade Phillips?

    Wants to un-retire.
  3. Defense Only discussion thread!

    I want to point out that for the last couple of games our Defense has been getting ransacked by the run. An observation of mine is the D-line is getting owned and all of the sudden the attacking style of tackling, "I call it playing downfield" is gone. All the players are catching the blockers...
  4. XFL league

    Oliver Luck the commissioner he is Andrew Lucks dad. Discuss
  5. Glass half full!

    So what happens when we end up with the #1 pick in 2018? Wow a better QB will be there, now what.
  6. One thing to remember

    While we see mock draft after free agent signing threads pile up. Remember this, who is going to take the role of mentor or quarterback of the DEFENSE with the changes that lie ahead this off season.
  7. Watching the combine.

    Curious to see OL. Have been looking at a couple of players mentioned rumored to the Bears. I have to say I would definitley pass on Fluker. This guy looks every bit lost, I think he has actually hurt his chances by showing up.
  8. More of the SAME

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but with the age of this Defence and the injury's I think this D is going to be very mediocre at best the rest of the season. Its not just yesterday they came out at the begining of the season like gang busters and after the bye week, they have been on a...
  9. What to do with Cutler?

    OK here we go Cutler in a contract year and considering his play and not so great leadership skills and now with the concussion isssue. Do we sign him or go a different route?
  10. Who is J'Webb really

    Is J webb and Semi from "employee of the month" the same person