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  1. DaHawkz24

    12/9/21 vs Canadians

    Congrats to Marc Andre Fleury on 500 wins! Great team game and shutout! Toews scores his first of the season from a great shot pass from Jones. The playoffs are still a long shot
  2. DaHawkz24

    Best available coaches

    Google got me this list. Any other good coaching options? Who should the Hawks consider?
  3. DaHawkz24

    Pius Suter

    No qualifying offer. Will he be resigned? He fell off as the season went on, but for sure a guy I'd like to see back
  4. DaHawkz24

    Blackhawks Rebuild

    Definately Keep: Kane Dabrincat Dach Suter Mitchell Probably Keep: Kubalik Kurashev Strome Zadorov Boqvist Keith is fine until his contract expires, Toews can contribute if healthy, and if not him and Seabrok can be put on LTIR until they retire. Stock up on draft picks and prospects. I'm...
  5. DaHawkz24

    2/25 vs Blues

    Another great third period vs the Blues :hawkstroll: EDIT: I guess it is a decent 3rd period... With 11 min left EDIT 2: Welp... 5-5 now EDIT 3: I guess it was exciting at least!
  6. DaHawkz24

    Hawks @ Jets

    Nice to see Nylander get on the board. Great pass by Kane of course!
  7. DaHawkz24

    12/8 - Blackhawks vs Coyotes

    Hawks looked great early, but blew a nice lead in the 2nd. Let's see what they can do in the 3rd! -Toews is having a big game woth a goal and 2 assists -Sikura has been un noticable -Nice deflection by Kubalik! (He has also missed the net a few more times) Not looking great 3 minutes into the 3rd!
  8. DaHawkz24

    Replacement GM and Coach

    With all of the talk of firing Stan and JC (I am in favor) Who would you like to see take their place? I don't even know who would be available. I have seen some people suggesting to let Marc Crawford take over the bench, but I don't know much about him, and I have no idea where to start with GM's!