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  1. Tjodalv

    Acoustic Basses

    I'm planning on picking up an acoustic bass pretty soon. Any recommendations? Options I've been considering are a Spector Timbre, Michael Kelly Dragonfly Port, Boulder Creek ERB6-5N, or an Ovation. Any input?
  2. Tjodalv

    Calling all Canadians

    This has been a topic I've been curious about for quite some time, and due to recent drunken thoughts about the effects of this topic on scheming in football, I have to ask: why do Canadians train hockey players to use their non-dominant hand in the opposite way as the rest of the world? To...
  3. Tjodalv

    2021 Death Thread

    We had one of these a while ago, but due to obvious considerations I think some lives that have ended recently have been overlooked. Just to start off 2021: Christopher Plummer, today... Hank Aaron Hal Valentine Cloris Leachman Joanne Rogers Michael Fonfara Alexi Laiho I have great memories...
  4. Tjodalv

    Reminder: Peanut is just the best person

    Yes, it has been a few years, but holy fuck is Charles Tillman awesome:
  5. Tjodalv

    Dear John...

    Go fuck yourself, John. For someone that got bitten in the ass by ref clock management, he sure as fuck didn't mind them allowing his squad an extra 15+ seconds to get to the faceoff circle after an icing call in the 3rd. If we're going to play the "series of event" game, isn't he at fault for...
  6. Tjodalv

    Xmas 2019

    Merry Roman Christmas, all!! Hope all is well and you have a good day.
  7. Tjodalv

    Fear Inoculum

    New Tool album dropped the other day. While nothing on it smacks me in the face as a GOAT song contender like Schism, Ænema, or Sober, or some others did back in the day, it's still a very, very, solid album. Perhaps after another few listens and one of those will emerge; contender so far is...
  8. Tjodalv

    This Seems Appropriate

    One of you will be the 2019 winner; in that I have faith. My money is on Rask.
  9. Tjodalv

    Whistle on Offsides?

    I guess I could have missed it, but I really don't recall reading that the play will be blown dead on all offside calls being one of the announced rule changes for this season. It just happened in the Falcons/Eagles game and the commentators rambled on about how often Rodgers would take deep...
  10. Tjodalv

    Losing your best fiend.

    I know some of you older guys must have experienced this at some point. How in the hell do you handle it? Background: I grew up in a predominantly white suburb, and when I was 6 I was super thrilled that a black family moved in a few houses down. Despite being closer to my brother's age, this...
  11. Tjodalv


    What's your every-day carry? I usually have a Spyderco Endura on my hip, but just ordered a Microtech Ultratech. Full metal Spydercos are fucking amazing: absolutely zero play, above average blade steel, really nothing to complain about. Any company preferences?
  12. Tjodalv


    Explaination Seriously, could someone explain to me why Steve Vai had a guitar battle with the karate kid? This may be the strangest thing I've ever encountered on youtube...
  13. Tjodalv

    Creation of Heavy Elements Observed Synopsis: The LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) -- the heads of which recently received the Nobel Prize for first measuring long theorized gravitational waves -- detected further gravitational waves that...
  14. Tjodalv


    Ok, so I got home from work and watched my recording of the game (just finished it). Just a few things that I'm sure have been discussed, but am several hours late for: Can they bench Glennon now? I don't see how Trub could possibly have a worse day than that. Did that game seriously end...
  15. Tjodalv


    Being recently single and living alone I've found myself cooking breakfast foods for dinner quite a bit. My two favorites right now: Scotch Eggs Form loose sausage of your choosing into large, thin, patties on some plastic wrap. Refrigerate. Get 1/4 inch of water boiling in a pot, frying oil...
  16. Tjodalv

    First Word

    My cat just said his first word -- Mao! Of course it's the same word he's been repeating for the last seven years, but since this has become the "gloat about my kid" forum I figured I'd share. Oddly enough I'm not real sure why a viking cat -- apparently orange cats were bread and spread by...
  17. Tjodalv

    Cap Floor: what you think you know, but don't.

    Every offseason since the latest CBA I've seen people repeatedly misrepresent what the cap floor is for the NFL. And since it's been so much more prevalent this year due to the Bears having more space than usual, I figured it was time to dispel some misconceptions. What you think you know...
  18. Tjodalv

    Geno Smith

    Smiff is young, mobile, has much more starting experience than a scrub like Garoppolio, is a FA (don't have to spend picks on him), and is a born leader. The Beers should give him 20 mil a year, otherwise someone else is winning a Supra Bowel with him! The Smiff offseason: High profile...
  19. Tjodalv

    Can anyone explain?

    Could anyone explain to me the point of this section? No one ever listens to our suggestions (other than the practically defunct VotB), and rarely do we get any meaningful feedback. Nothing ever gets fixed when an issue is pointed out (*cough* search function). So, why does this place exist?
  20. Tjodalv

    Hall of Fame Game cancelled.

    Holy fucking hilarious shitshow. It sounds like they painted on the midfield logo so thick that it turned into a hard, slick, slab. Fucking morons. I was kind of pumped to watch some...