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  1. Does Raggone Need To Go This Offseason?

    Is coach Raggone a barrier to Mitch's growth? He wasn't able to develop Cutler's talents and was only retained for "continuity" purposes. Doesn't a first pick quarterback deserve the best QB coach available, whoever that may be? I just don't think Mitch is where he should be and I don't think...
  2. Garoppolo vs Trubisky

    Sunday will see the much ballyhooed Jimmy Garoppolo starting against 1st round pick Mitch Trubisky. With the Bears season all but over should Fox continue game managing Trubisky and conceding the spotlight to Jimmy, or should he turn Mitch loose?
  3. Bears S&C Coach Jason George

    I haven't seen this addressed yet so here it is It can be argued that the Bears poor record was due to the decimating injuries this year. Every week there were several key players out When injuries are that extensive it is natural to look at the strength and conditioning coach, in the case...