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  1. PeppersSweater

    Who were Emery's other 3?

    Donald, Barr, and Gilbert? What do you think?
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    I was more mad when...

    I still can't decide.
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    So I subscribed to PFF for a month... that we're approaching free agency. Here's the full lists of guys that played at least 25% of snaps. Each list has 2-3 attachments, and I can only attach a max of 5 per post, so unfortunately I can't keep it all condensed together here. As some have pointed out, it's an imperfect...
  4. PeppersSweater

    Potential Free Agent Offensive Tackles Midway through the season PFF had our O-Line ranked 25th in Pass Blocking and 7th in Run Blocking...
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    Offense Wins Superbowls

    For those that missed it, FOX showed the Bear's offense rankings under Lovie Smith. Not sure if these numbers match exactly (regular season stats taken from but they're close: 2004 #32 2005 #29 2006 #15 2007 #27 2008 #26 2009 #23 2010 #30 2011 #24 2012 #28 Those that won the...