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  1. For the “Pay The Man” crowd.

    20 million is overpriced for an WLB. Let him play in the system this year and go from there.
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Roquan Smith Wants OUT!

    Trade him he is a head case anyways. He is a Will LB not worth the money
  3. Advanced Stats say maybe the Bears shouldn’t give in to Roquan

    If your his teammate what are you suppose to say he sucks don't pay him, no you say pay the man because your turn is coming. He is a weak side LB that has the speed to cover that's what you should pay for. He is not elite money he can't change the game like an Urlacher or Briggs could.
  4. Who could the Cubs trade before the upcoming deadline?

    Get use to this. As long as the Ricketts own the Cubs it will be nickel and dimes all day long.
  5. Rapaport: Bears holding trade talks surrounding Teven Jenkins

    How can you not know about this before the draft with all the interviews that take place it should have surfaced. Fuck Tards not doing their jobs.
  6. Packer's Offensive Line Woes

    Rodgers owns the bears
  7. Madden player ratings released - Fields 74, Mooney 79

    Who cares! Get in the real world of football.
  8. Cubs *Garage Sale*

    Its not a "garage sale" its a "garbage sale."
  9. Brian Urlacher hints some CTE claims are made up

    Just like the pot heads and their made up issues
  10. Bears OL in flux.

    Center and LT are the two most important positions on the Line, you can get by with average play from the rest. And chemistry brings it all together to make them a top Line.
  11. Our linebackers

    Well in a 4-3 def the front four should keep the LB's clean we will see if that happens.
  12. Hawks buy out Connolly and Borgstrom

    At least it will be a quick death, they are dumping money like a Viet Cong whore drops her panties. These next couple of years are going to be painful.
  13. Time for Kane/Toews accept fate

    This stinks of salary dump/don't want to sign big contract ext. Cat and Dach are still young enough for the rebuild.
  14. 2022 NHL Draft

    This team is on the way to a total make over. The next 2 or 3 years are going to be brutal to watch but I hope it pays off in the end. As long as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it gets brighter each year I'm ok with it.
  15. The Cat

    Looks like he is to be traded? What do we get for him and what is your opinion?
  16. After the Packers...which team do you dislike the most?

    Cowgirls they are on tv way too much. And the fans think they are Super Bowl bound every year
  17. Positives about where we are

    This year I don't care how many wins they end up with. That being said I want to see Hells Bells effort on ever play and at the end of the day we se where we are at, at least we would have some sort of reality to what we need and don't need.
  18. Chicago Bears offensive line ranks 31st in NFL according to PFF

    Thanks Nagy, the gift that keeps giving!