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  1. Put your Roquan money where your mouth is.

    Roquan leaving would complete the Bears plan of tanking to get the 1st pick to replace Fields
  2. Odell Beckham may be ready by December to start practicing

    Don't even think the Bears are interested. They want to tank so they can get the 1st pick next year because they have no confidence in Justin Fields.
  3. Analyst predicts Chicago Bears will finish last in 2022

    When are people going to wake up and realize that Poles is incompetent...he has destroyed this team. Virtually all the coaches are learning new positions, we have lost many quality players and replaced them with total trash rejected by other teams. Fields, along with the rest of the team, is...
  4. Ryan Poles, one on one . . .

    Anybody with half a brain can see this team is intentionally tanking. They just lost a lot of good players and replaced them with total trash. The only reason one would tank is to get a high 1st round QB, which means they don't believe in Justin Fields. Seriously, I can see this team easily...
  5. Bears sign corner and TE

    More trash signings. Poles is pissing money away but has yet to improve any position
  6. Be calm

    It's all bad. Virtually all the coaches are learning a new position, they did not bring in any experienced coaches like Fangio for DC or Marinelli. We let several good players walk yet every new signing has been total trash. How do trust this so called offensive line genius when he gives the...
  7. Mitch On Time With Bears

    At the very minimum...Mitch could possibly be the best backup QB in the league.
  8. Predictions on 2022 Hires

    I'm not that optimistic. Instead of bringing in established coaches like Fangio, Marinelli, Peterson, etc., virtually EVERY coach hired is inexperienced at their position. There is not a single coach I am excited about.
  9. Feels like a rebuild.

    This is worse then a rebuild. In a rebuild the coaches attempt to rebuild the players roster. The problem is the coaches...every coach is learning a new job! Nobody experienced in their position. Teddy has created a giant clusterfvck.
  10. Pompei: "Why didn't the Bears want Jim Harbaugh as head coach? It's a mystery."

    Teddy is a meek little mama's boy who only got to where he is because of his mommy. He doesn't want Harbaugh raising his voice to him, that raises his anxiety level and makes him cry. Eberflus is his man!
  11. Report: Bears offer OC job to Packers QB coach Luke Getsy

    If this is true Patula turned down the OC position?
  12. Official: Mitch is a free agent.

    No way that's ever going to happen. Incompetent coaching (Ragone, Nagy) has made Chicago nothing more that a bad dream for Mitch. I wish him well.
  13. Ed dodds Withdraws GM name from Bears

    He's a tough dude. He told Teddy where he can stick his zoom!
  14. Zoom Meetings vs. Face to Face

    As dumb as he comes across, I would hope Georgie isn't stupid enough to be interviewing the top tier candidates via zoom.
  15. Jim Harbaugh or...

    1) Harbaugh has something against agents and doesn't have one, 2) Have there even been any reports of anyone trying to contact Harbaugh for an interview?? 3) Georgie McCaskey has always been a sissy mama's boy. He might be too intimidated by Harbaugh.
  16. Bill Polian's Book: "Super Bowl Blueprints"

    When you watch him speak you can tell he has been a spoiled sissy mama's boy all his life.
  17. Jim Caldwell

    They need to quit dickin around with all these has- beens and go get Harbaugh before someone else lands him.
  18. What's The Most Important Thing To You About Our New HC and GM?

    What's important to me is we get this GM/HC hires right this time. We need to avoid another Jay Cutler situation where the QB has to learn a new system almost every year,
  19. Minority Hires & Draft Picks

    That makes no sense. Where is the incentive for the team to make a minority hire? In fact, it would discourage minority hiring if it's someone in your division and you don't want to see your competitor pick up a third rounder due to your actions.
  20. Minority Hires & Draft Picks

    Still, McCaskey is a nerdy little mama's boy who will pick the wrong people in order to come across as promoting diversity.