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  1. onebud34

    Which of youse are going to this?

    85 Bears
  2. onebud34

    Marc Ross?

    Would he be brought in for a position under Ryan Pace? I remember he was somewhat of a hot candidate after we let Emery Bored go. He was VP of player personnel with the Giants. Maybe he could sway Pace from overspending for players in Free Agency.
  3. onebud34

    Lost in the Touchback call

    The Bears actually ran a screen, and ran it successfully. Downfield blocking was executed well and Cunningham’s vision was great. And then the coaching staff continued with “business as usual.”
  4. onebud34

    OT: Marshall Curse

    Well...the Giants are starting off 0-2...with possibly the worst OL in the league. Crazy to think that 2 times he was sooo close to making the playoffs with teams that are now in a complete rebuild.
  5. onebud34

    Trubs signs

    They were cutting it close but got it done
  6. onebud34

    My Gawd Cutler sucks

    Can't do diddly against one of the worst pass Ds in the league
  7. onebud34

    Probably the lone silver lining in this craptastic start...

    We have 1 more divisional win compared to last year...which is the first time we've had 2 division wins since 2013.
  8. onebud34

    Jordan Howard

    This is one pick that Pace hit a home run on...I'm just hoping that his running style doesn't break his body down early. Was nice to see him run it down the Vikings throats when Zimm's D was called to stop the run.
  9. onebud34

    Hoyer seems like the only keeper for QB in 2017...

    Barkley looks like drizzling feces
  10. onebud34

    Jeffery checked out?

    The only deep pass where it seems to be placed where he can catch it...and he just keeps running. WTF am I watching? You should step it up when Leonard Floyd scores your only TD
  11. onebud34

    The best part about Hoyer playing within the system...

    is that the Cutty fanboys are pulling out the "Hoyer's not great" phrase. No kidding? Who said he was? He's just playing better football than #6 right now...which was the same case in 2013. Just replace Hoyers name with McCown.
  12. onebud34

    Cutler needs to take a seat

    Responsible for 2 TOs so far
  13. onebud34

    Here's something for the few supporters Since joining the Chicago Bears seven years ago, Cutler has started 97 games, recording 50 wins with a 1-1 record in the playoffs. He’s completed just under 62% of his passes while...
  14. onebud34

    Keep it up Jay

    Cutler did something I thought wouldn't ever happen...he beat the Packers in Lambeau. Hopefully he keeps this level of play up.
  15. onebud34

    From one of the hatersz

    Jay is playing the best football of his career right now. He's been moving around the pocket damn well, and is even managing to not turn the ball over. Hopefully he'll be able to carry this play out for the rest of the season.
  16. onebud34

    Could the Packers be in play for Forte this offseason?

    Lacey just got benched for Starks who is an UFA after this year....discuss
  17. onebud34

    Does Jay have Daunte Culpepper or Tony Banks hands

    ??? How does a QB see the rush coming and still manages to fumble da football?
  18. onebud34

    45 years ago today

    Jimi Hendrix flew on...RIP
  19. onebud34

    SRV - August 27, 1990

    Respect! A very influential guitars died 25 years ago today in Alpine Valley, WI.
  20. onebud34

    OT: Dez Bryant

    I saw this yesterday...not sure if it's true. I guess we'll find out later today. Story Dez Bryant’s entire NFL career could be in jeopardy if the video he allegedly appears in is as bad as it sounds. The clip of Bryant doing something ‘Ray Rice-worthy’ that has reportedly stalled his...