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  1. Major Ursa

    Isaiah Wilson I typically laugh at the threads where we suggest picking up other teams trash, but.... I think we should reach out to him. He's first round talent and would...
  2. Major Ursa

    Tarik and Benny bagging groceries When the Bears are winning it's easy for the players to have some fun with fans in public. In this case, Tarik Cohen and Benny...
  3. Major Ursa

    Ranking last 4 draft Qbs (No love for our boy Mitch) Two years after former Browns executive Sashi Brown made the unpopular decision to pass on Carson Wentz, the Browns have a younger, potentially better quarterback in place. This is not an...
  4. Major Ursa

    Does it matter if the Bears won the draft day trade with the 49ers... Does it matter if the Bears won the draft day trade with the 49ers that got them Mitch Trubisky? originally appeared on The starting point for looking back at Ryan Pace's draft day trade with the San...
  5. Major Ursa

    Debunking the Myths of Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Offense

    Thought this was an interesting article. Aaron Rodgers walks on water, right? The Packers turned in another up-and-down, ultimately disappointing performance at Minnesota Sunday night, which only intensifies Mike...
  6. Major Ursa

    10 wins

    Looking ahead at the schedule. If we can just break even in the division and get wins against MIA, BUF, NYG, SF, and NYJ we reach 10. Without being too much of a homer, I think that is a pretty attainable goal. I'm glad the Pats and Rams are at home, but I expect very tough games.
  7. Major Ursa

    Bobby Engram's daughter died

    So shitty. Children should never die before their parents. Daughter of Ravens wide receivers coach Bobby Engram passes away BySTEVEN TARANTO 8 hours ago On Saturday night, the Baltimore Ravens will...
  8. Major Ursa

    Martellus Bennett retirement

    Maybe both asshole Bennett brothers will be out of the league. Please be true.
  9. Major Ursa

    Bellamy about to receive huge payday

    From AR15 for that jersey. :lol:
  10. Major Ursa

    Jimmy Graham

    I didn't realize he was a free agent until this morning. I'm sure Ryan Pace still remembers how dominant he was with the Saints. With the free agent wide receiver pool looking so bleak, ol Jimmy might be a great grab for the Bears. It would be a great target for Mitch and take a bunch of...
  11. Major Ursa

    Five Questions With Roll 'Bama Roll about Brian Vogler

    I got a chuckle out of reading this. Guy makes Brian Vogler sound like a big mannequin. I don't think most fans were hoping for much, but damn. . Next up we'll focus on one of the...
  12. Major Ursa

    Re-drafting: A Bears tradition GM Ryan Pace must end It didn't occur to me that we really did mirror last years draft almost identically.
  13. Major Ursa

    Do you think the Bears will resign Alshon?

    To me, Alshon has already proved his worth. I can't see how the Bears let 17 get away, but I'm curious what the other posters think. 5 minutes until Escobars army tells us how Alshon is a number 2 and the team doesn't want to pay him......
  14. Major Ursa

    Lack of deep speed makes WR 'high' need I agree with Moon. I think that a lot of people would view Cooper or White at 7 as a luxury pick, but they would fill a very important need.
  15. Major Ursa

    Jay Cutler-Kyle Orton trade begot key draft picks all over NFL Some pretty good receiving targets spawned from all of this.
  16. Major Ursa

    Worst Heisman winners...............

    Worst Heisman winners to ever play in the NFL Too bad 31 liked the smoke so much....
  17. Major Ursa

    OT Clowney lol This guy has some bad luck, damn.
  18. Major Ursa

    Kyle Long and Martellus Bennett have beef Jesus. What the fuck is this shit? SMH
  19. Major Ursa

    Wide Receiver

    I was just thinking about this tonight. Marshall could very well be on his way out. Even if he stays, the lack of speed at wide receiver needs to be addressed. Hub Arkush has mentioned this a few times. Devante Parker is a burner and so is Amari Cooper. Dorial Green Beckam has been clocked...
  20. Major Ursa

    Harbaugh and Bears speculation piece Columnist: Jim Harbaugh could make Bears special again David Haugh, Chicago Tribune (TNS) 5:51 p.m. EST December 20, 2014 And if they don't secure the 49ers coach, Bears...