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  1. Major Ursa

    Did you draft any bears in your fantasy football leagues?

    I've got D. Mooney in every league(3 with one draft left). I have Kmet in one league and Fields as a backup to Mahomes.
  2. Major Ursa

    Mike Martz says mean things about the Bears and Justin Fields. (Non football talk OK. This may not be a safe thread)

    Yeah, He's all about giving a quarterback help. Richmond Webb, 30 step drops, and not using a tight end say otherwise.
  3. Major Ursa

    BREAKING NEWS: Roquan Smith Wants OUT!

    Why does he seem like a diva? The only times that Roquan has been a serious problem was his rookie contract and now. Pornstars hookups on boats during the beginning of covid won't be spoken about. He doesn't have an agent. Seems to me he'd rather represent himself and not pay someone money to do...
  4. Major Ursa

    BREAKING NEWS: Roquan Smith Wants OUT!

    Poles threw cash at Ogun because Flus has said how important that position is to his defense. It's like we found out about the injury today, it was caught before it was a problem.
  5. Major Ursa

    BREAKING NEWS: Roquan Smith Wants OUT!

    I'm on Roquan's side on this one. It's nice to imagine all that cap space next year, but who are you going to give the money to? Roquan is young and has been a great player for the team. If Fields pans out, obviously you are going to need to have money for a ridiculous QB contract, but that is...
  6. Major Ursa

    First Round Draft Choice for Deebo?

    From what I'm hearing we got Deebo at home.
  7. Major Ursa

    I went to Vegas for the Draft. Some notes...

    I worked the event. The amount of people that attended was nuts. Fortunately the only real hot day was on Saturday. I worked in the VIP draft tent for the first two days. I snapped a picture of Forte making the Bears pic in the 2nd round, although I wish I had zoomed. Pretty cool seeing Ice Cube...
  8. Major Ursa

    Olin Kreutz attacks CHGO employee.

    It's a fun fact. lol
  9. Major Ursa

    Olin Kreutz attacks CHGO employee.

    Fun fact. Napoleon was around 5'6 which was around average height for the day and age. Cartoonists drew him as a little guy and the imagery stuck.
  10. Major Ursa

    Deebo wants traded

    Well seeing as there isn't a wide receiver that is currently making that much...
  11. Major Ursa

    I just heard on the score 670 am radio that Getty literally flipped the tackles Borom and Jenkens L vs R tackle at camp today?

    Hoge and Jahns were talking about this. Thought it was possible that if Borom didn't get a concussion, he may have played left all season. Everyone seemed impressed by him.
  12. Major Ursa

    Deebo wants traded

    Maybe the 49ers would like to kick the tires on an aging pass rusher or an overpaid safety.
  13. Major Ursa

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Lovie has a billion picks to build around him. We'll see.
  14. Major Ursa

    ***OFFICAIL*** Khalil Mack Traded To Chargers For 2023 2nd & 6th Round Pick

    I loved watching Mack wear the Navy and Orange. Will miss him. If we are going to play modern football, this was a good trade. I've watched this team for decades and live and die with them every year. So mostly die. It's time to start spending the money on the offensive side of the football...
  15. Major Ursa

    Would you give up next year's 2nd rounder to get Olave

    Roquan isn't going anywhere. Just hired a defensive coach and he's young. Montgomery might be a casualty, but if he has a strong season then I'd say he gets resigned as well. He's a luxury we can afford while Fields is on a rookie deal.
  16. Major Ursa

    Dentfan's Mega Mock Thread

    There are tons of guys that I think would fit in well with the team. Russell Gage, Preston Williams, Zach Pascal/(Indy connection), and Rashard Williams are all guys that I think are solid number three types. I could see Poles going after Sammy Watkins because of his familiarity with him. He's...
  17. Major Ursa

    Pre-Combine Mock Offseason

    The issue with this is Quinn is a natural fit for the 4-3 and Mack can't stay healthy. I would prefer Mack if he could stay on the field as well. These two guys are a luxury that we can't afford in order to move forward with an offensive identity.
  18. Major Ursa

    Pre-Combine Mock Offseason

    I might be in the minority here, but I think that Poles moves Khalil Mack in a trade to a contender and we keep Daniels. One quarter of our cap is Mack and Quinn. Need to take the hit this year so you have some real flexibility next season.
  19. Major Ursa

    OT: Daboll impressive. Bills O is nuts

    And against a pretty solid defense and hall of fame coach at that. Pretty damn impressive.