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  1. 46FEVER

    Forget WR, Chicago Bears need to draft this unit in 2023 first round

    Jordan delivering as usual. Keep it up! Fast on track to CNN.
  2. 46FEVER

    My takeaway from this draft.

    Wouldn't be surprised at all to see a trade up now. Go get Cam Jurgens at Center. Possible 4 starters in rounds 2 and 3.
  3. 46FEVER

    lol..what a joke this team FO is..

    Fans really gonna lose their shitt when Fields is traded. No way a new gm comes in and plays with a qb that wasnt his guy. Jmo and I personally hope it doesnt happen, but if I had to speculate I bet Poles is listening to options.
  4. 46FEVER

    2, 2s, what to do?

    Its going to be interesting seeing Poles philosphy year 1. I hope he stays put. The only reason some pundits are saying its a weak draft is because the qb class is ass. Could go wr and dt in round 2 then end up with the 2nd best center in round 3 in Cam Jurgens. Possible 3 starters, without...
  5. 46FEVER

    Who do ya like? Keeping an eye on?

    Cam Jurgens C Nebraska Extremely athletic for a big man. His numbers at the combine are going to be upper echelon. 3-4 round maybe. Perfect zone blocking center.
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    Who is the Bears' HC?

    Can't wait to see the roster flip. Feel there is gonna be some turnover most aren't expecting. Gotta clean up that club dub mentality. Thing coach Flus is more Ditkaesque and less Naggy-dub.
  7. 46FEVER

    a feel good [email protected]

    Omelet was probably in his 20's in '57
  8. 46FEVER

    Rookie QB Highlights

    Just decent? There arent 10 qbs in the league that make a few of those throws. Rodgers? Burrows? Stafford? Mahomes, maybe Murray. Who else? Fields throws a mean strike with his midrange ball. Be interesting to see how fast the ball travels.
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    Just glad to see more shitting on bears boytoy blog. Where has TTNL and the draft dr.been?
  10. 46FEVER

    Bears Beat Reporter Jeff Dickerson Has Passed Away

    Something even Omelet can agree upon fuck cancer. Always liked JD. Anyone know if theres a fund for the kid?
  11. 46FEVER

    This was our NFC championship game

    Club dub was open so this is legit. Wow.
  12. 46FEVER

    Best 2 Point Catch ever?

    Op makes me yearn for @Omeletpants posts.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Annual Northern Ownership Convention Edition)

    Jenkins is playing well, but the bears need to utilize his strength RUN BLOCKING. Draft dr phil gonna be must watch tonight win or lose.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Annual Northern Ownership Convention Edition)

    On the long td to Adams who was out of place again? Fucking Jackson and injured a teammate in the process. Jackson needs a wakeup call. All the talent in the world, but got a payday and quit.
  15. 46FEVER

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Annual Northern Ownership Convention Edition)

    It wasnt it was the only read he made. Unfortunately we didnt get to see the whole field. Cb was ligned up outside playing the sideline.
  16. 46FEVER

    Go with a college coach-PJ Fleck ?

    Lmfao would be worse than Nagy. Complete tool. He get bitch slapped first week of tc.
  17. 46FEVER

    Patrick Finley with the Bears news we've all been waiting for.

    Just unreal. That alone is a fireable offense.
  18. 46FEVER

    Andy Dalton "almost game winning" TD.

    Nah... look at his post history. He was the 2nd string qb in pop warner that had his one chance and threw a pic on a streak cause he didnt have the arm to get it there. Coach was probably screaming to hit the rb on a flare but ego got in the way. Now hes the armchair qb on ccs. So hes gonna...
  19. 46FEVER

    Bud crawford stream

    Spence gonna duck Bud. Every fight with Crawford you see a different style. Imo if the Spence fight ever happens your gonna see Bud go Hearns/Hagler. Spence knows this.