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  1. 10 reasons why 6-8 wins is the FLOOR.

    Great post. I can't understand why it took 4 years for the owners to realize Nagy was a bad coach. I think his winning record in year 1 went to his head and he thought he could walk on water.
  2. Matt "Testicle Head" Nagy ruins my Friday morning

    I get really upset with the Chicago brass for stubbornly sticking with a head coach who was way in over his head. It is stupid to refuse to fire someone midseason because you have never done it before.

    I think it is ridiculous to make any judgements until we see the final roster. This regime needs time to clean up the mess that Pace left behind.
  4. Best Bears News so far

    Hope he can accomplish the same results with his new team or teams if he gets fired again.
  5. Bears release Tarik Cohen & Danny Trevathan

    Maybe that is one of the whys.
  6. Bears release Tarik Cohen & Danny Trevathan

    Always thought that was a bad decision. These cuts send a clear message to players on the roster-Bears will no longer tolerate incompetence. If you are one of the whys, good luck with your new team.
  7. Bears release Tarik Cohen & Danny Trevathan

    Does not reflect well on owners who approved his decisions and poor contracts.
  8. What about Michael Thomas From Saints

    It will be interesting to see what kind of hidden talent we may find on this team assuming we have good coaches and talent evaluators. There was an interesting article on internet today where the linebacker Joel I. was never given an opportunity to showcase his skills.
  9. Thoughts for Bears ownership

    Maybe they can replace the fire Nagy chants with "Sell the team" chants. If they hired an assistant GM maybe there is some hope for the future.
  10. Report: Bears offer OC job to Packers QB coach Luke Getsy

    Dumb question here. Does this guy have any experience developing a quarterback? I have not read anything positive about Love, the Packers backup quarterback.
  11. Thoughts for Bears ownership

    Agree. I was watching a livestream of the last game. Someone made a hilarious comment. They said the Packers offered the Bears a 2nd round draft pick to keep Nagy for another year!!!
  12. Nagy Era Leaks

    I felt the same way about the press conference. I am tired of the arrogance and refusal to admit past mistakes. I have lost any confidence in the ability of these people to get things right. Rinse and repeat.
  13. Thoughts for Bears ownership

    It is not necessary to insult people except perhaps the Bears ownership and front office. In my humble opinion George could have started out the press conference something like the following: First of all on behalf of the entire Bears organization, I would like to apologize for all of the...
  14. Thoughts for Bears ownership

    Bears fans are not stupid. Why would the board of directors fire the chairman of the board if most of them are his relatives? Don't criticize fans for yelling at high school football games. It may not be right but you should apologize for making the unpopular decision to extend an unsuccessful...
  15. 1PM Conference call with George

    I had the impression it was more of an acknowledgement of poor coaching. I am not a football guru but I think most people would agree this type of mistake should not be continually made at a professional level.
  16. Im just a fan, not an evaluator of football talent

    He said nothing to convince me that he has learned anything from the mistakes made in the past. The fact that he insulted Olin and does not seem to care about advice from former players is awful.
  17. Charles Leno gets more money

    Good points. Hopefully we can get a coach who develops a scheme based on his players strengths and abilities instead of a system that is so complex that no one can execute it. Also a coach who can make adjustments during a game.
  18. Fields to the covid list.

    Better than suffering a career ending injury playing for an incompetent coach on his way out.
  19. Sick of Nagy double talk

    Thanks. Maybe we should start a thread with quotes or words from the past. For example: collaboration, be you, look at the tape, this is fun, find the whys, etc.
  20. Sick of Nagy double talk

    No. They are looking for a yes man with great collaboration skills.