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  1. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    And somehow, this is the game they are going to win...
  2. RC_Skinny22

    Zach LaVine injury update

    Philly already got James Harden to beat Philly...
  3. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    So, is this game the "Mighty Wings are back" edition?
  4. RC_Skinny22

    Bulls injury update

    Whenever this team has the chance to have a really good season, it's fucked up by injuries... 🙄 Has been this way since the Jordan days! Anyone really believing we go into the Playoffs with the full band?
  5. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Even if it ends in another L. The one thing I wanna see tonight is effort!
  6. RC_Skinny22

    Chicago Bulls Info Collection Thread

    Ladies & Gentlemen, after more than 5 years, guess who tought it´s time to update the OP again... :bullbang:
  7. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    The players who are out for the Bulls right now kick the asses of the ones who are left. Only excuse I can come up with.
  8. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    How can you not love Adams? That just cracked me up! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Please Billy, take Demar and Ayo out of the game! If anyone of those gets hurt during that sh.. being down 30, I'm losing it completely...
  10. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Well, in his defense: It looks like the Bears are playing basketball...
  11. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Can we trade Gasol 2.0 for Aquaman straight up? This is so painful to watch...
  12. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    How about letting Ja get 40 and focus on the other guys? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Wait a sec. We playing against the Grizz with Bane and we not hearing Stacey do the Bane voice because the game is on TNT? Sheeeesh! -.-
  14. RC_Skinny22

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Game at a time where I can watch live is a nice variety! :D Don't ask me why, but I got a strange feeling the Bulls are going to pull this one out!
  15. RC_Skinny22

    Bench Mob

    I´m still mad about them not listening to Thibs and drafting Marquis Teague over Draymond Green...
  16. RC_Skinny22

    Looks like we got Pau Gasol again...

    I watched every possession this season and I´m already a little tired of Vuc. I get some major flashbacks of watching Pau Gasol when he was here. He is afraid to bang with the big guys inside the paint. Defensively he never gets a hand up, everyone is just shooting over him. Too slow to block...
  17. RC_Skinny22

    Current Bulls roster and depth

    Not sure where exactly we didn´t improve our 3pt % shooting (all last season numbers) Sato: 35.6% Ball: 37.8% Thad: 26.7% DeRozan: 25.7% Archi: 37.3% Ayo: 39.0% (college) Caruso: 40.1% Denzel: 33.1% Temple: 33.5% Plus: That Simonovic guy looks like he can shoot that thing as well...
  18. RC_Skinny22

    Where does LeBron rank...

    Still don't have LBJ ahead of Kobe in my list. But he passed Larry for best SF of all time though... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. RC_Skinny22

    2020-2021 Around the NBA Thread

    Bulls wanted Lonzo last season already, so it was pretty clear 5 months ago we were going after him anyway... 🤷🏻‍♂️