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    Damien Williams to Covid List

    Khalil Herbert time!
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    2021 Pro Bowl to be played in Madden 21

    I thought this was a joke, but this year's Pro Bowl will be played in a freaking video game. Yeah, the Pro Bowl is a joke anyway, but to play it on a video game is pretty ridiculous. 2021 NFL Pro Bowl will take place in Madden NFL 21 instead of real life
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    Bears 2020 opponents just about finalized

    So we know just about every Bears home and road opponent for 2020, except for one. The only one up in the air is whether they play the Giants or Redskins at home. It doesn't look as brutal as this past year, but doesn't look like a cake walk, either...
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    Rams -6.5 over Bears

    It opened Rams -8, but it's down to -6.5 now. O/U is 41. If there's an OL as bad as the Bears, it's the Rams OL. Any QB fails under pressure, but with Goff, he's 10x worse... reminds me of Jim Everett. If you can get to Goff, there's a good chance he's gonna give the game away (that's how...
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    Parkey still doinking kicks

    Tennessee signed Parkey and he's still doinking kicks. At this point, I think it's pretty incredible that he consistently does this. Kinda wish we still had him to add an additional layer of humor to this year's shit show.
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    Bears -4 over Saints

    Opening line is Bears -4. O/U is 39.5. This will be back-to-back road games on grass for the Saints, Bears have an extra week to prepare, and Kyle Long will not play. I thought the Bears would be -3. If it drops to that, then maybe I'll take the Bears.
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    Week 3 bets

    Rough week last week, helped in no part by the home division dogs, which I blindly take, and which went 0-3. That notwithstanding, Jax +2 is another home division dog, so I’m gonna take that, even though my first instinct was Tenn. Also taking Den/GB under 43. Haven’t really looked at the rest...
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    Week 2 bets

    No one wants to post what they're betting on? Anyway, here's what I have for Week 2 so far: Car -6.5 over TB NYG +2 over Buf I like some other underdogs, but I'm anticipating some favorable line movement. Will jump on it when it hits the right number.
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    Week 1 bets

    Who y'all got? Yeah, it may be a little early, but I jumped on some games because I wanted to get on them before the lines changed unfavorably. Chi -3 (possible homer pick) Tenn +6 over Clev Atl +4 over Min Phi -8.5 over Wash Bal -5 over Mia SF/TB over 49.5 Den/Oak under 43 Ind/LAC under 44...
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    Bears -6 over Eagles

    Opening line is Bears -6. O/U is 42. Line seems pretty accurate to me, who you got?
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    Per Biggs, Kyle Long activated and expected to play against Vikes

    Let's hope he's all healed up for a Super Bowl run 1079086739933806598
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    Chicago -3.5 over SF

    Opening line is Bears -3.5. Line seems a little low to me, perhaps oddsmakers are thinking of a let down game after a big win. O/u is 42.5.
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    Bears -5.5 over Green Bay

    Very early line is Bears -5.5. Pack looked good today, but Bears will get their Week 1 revenge. Who you got?
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    Rams -4.5 over the Bears

    Very early line is Rams -4.5. I actually like the Bears playing at home. It should be cold, and I don't think Goff has ever played in cold weather like he will on Sunday. Also, it'll be back-to-back long road trips for them. EDIT: the link above gives...
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    Bears open as 3.5 favorites over the Lions

    Bears favored by 3.5, no total posted yet. I think this will be a tough game, certainly a lot tougher than when the Bears faced them at Soldier Field. I don't like the situation either... road game on a short week, right after a big emotional win. And I always bet on home divisional underdogs...
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    Lombardi: “You couldn’t get me to buy Mitchell Trubisky if you had him on a discount"

    Lombardi: “You couldn’t get me to buy Mitchell Trubisky if you had him on a discount" This quote by Lombardi actually made me laugh a little: “You couldn’t get me to buy Mitchell Trubisky if you had him on a discount rack at Filene’s Basement,” former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi said...
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    Bears give Danny Trevathan a surprise.

    DT's grandmother has cancer and the team brought her in for a surprise visit. 1053710284030988291
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    Coach's film of Cards' first TD last week

    Sorry if already posted, but I know some people were asking for the coach's tape of Ricky Seals Jones' TD last week where he was wide open. Here it is: Looks like Lynch had the flat zone and Trevathan bit on play action and then bailed out trying to cover something on the opposite side...
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    Bears -3 over Seattle.

    Bears -3 Over/Under 43.5 WR Baldwin has a partial MCL tear, so safe to say he's not playing. Without him, Seattle may have the weakest WR corps in the league. Von Miller wreaked havoc against their weak OL last week. Can the Bears do the same?