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  1. TheeUndyingFan

    Same Afraid Bullshit

    Number One takeaway from this game is they don’t trust their QB. 7 completions today 8 last week. No mad weather today and less pass completions. That very well may be rightfully so. Maybe he does suck. I like Fields. I’ve seen threads about letting the Youngbloods getting snaps over vets...
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    Cut Jackson

    He’s not playing football. Discuss.
  3. TheeUndyingFan

    Tonight’s Biggest Loser

    Anyone that bought a #4 Eddie Jackson jersey
  4. TheeUndyingFan

    Perfect Irony?

    Nagy throws Trubisky under the bus, bus runs over Trubisky. Nagy brings in “His Guy.” “His Guy” nukes him to the media in 2 of last 4 starts.
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    Carolina’s Kicker

    Does this guy have a tattoo of himself lining up for a fucking kick? Please discuss.
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    Lance Briggs’ Comic Book

    The Trap Briggs is making a comic book, I’ve linked the Kickstarter above. Artwork looks good.
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    Trubisky’s Picks

    Aren’t those the interceptions that you’re okay with if you want an attacking QB? First one was on Mitch and ARob and second one was solely on ARob. Not a Trubisky fan but 5TDs 2INts and a 2-0 start, let’s leave him alone until he costs us the game next week.
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    Here’s A Fun Tweet

    . Here’s a good one. Pure, uncut, ineptitude for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to view each individual picture to really breathe it in. Big ups to Pace for both creating and destroying a window at the same time.
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    Everyone start spending more time with your fucking kids because this is exactly what 8-8 looks like. Website doesn’t even work and your kids need parental figures .
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    Why Your Team Sucks 2019: Chicago Bears

    Why Your Team Sucks 2019: Chicago Bears Here it is, looking for input from @Visionman here specifically. Thanks!
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    Nagy Vs. Bray

    Alright guys since versus threads are the new thing around here I thought I would posit one that could actually matter for the roster breakdown. The way I figure it you could trade Bray because mid-August is the time when the smartest teams are trolling for the next great QB3. I take Nagy easy...
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    Robert Nkemdiche

    Hi guys, The Cardinals don’t want this guy anymore and that got me to thinking that I vaguely remembered this guy from four years ago when he was entering the league my favorite team plays in, and then that got me to thinking that maybe he would play for my favorite team. This guy has been...
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    2018 Defense - Best Players in Order

    1)Mack 2)Hicks 3)Jackson 4)Goldman 5)Fuller 6)Trevathan 7)Smith 8)Callahan 9)Floyd 10)Amos 9)Prince 10)RRH 11)Bullard
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    The Best Part of the Pagano Signing.

    Thank god we hired Pagano, I was getting worried that maybe Nagy would have to be Head Coach AND Defensive coordinator. I don’t think he’d be good at both. It’s a lot. Offense and defense. Together. It must have been a very tough 32 hours for Nagy to have that possibility held over his head...
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    The Kingkiller Chronicles

    Anyone else read this? I’m only halfway through the first book and it’s really, really good. Probably the best fiction story I’ve read in a very long time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ***official should of won 48-10 thread***

    Let’s gloat! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Amukamara Won The Game

    Just wanna bookmark this shit for the next time you dweebs call him “barely acceptable” or something like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The 4th and 5th Receiver

    Guys real shit the Bears have the best WR4 and WR5 in the NFL with White and Wims. When injuries happen there will be a plethora of wideouts to step up for young Mitch. Thoughts on the two most important WR spots in the league are welcome below.... but it’s Wims and White. Sent from my...
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    Couple Quick Predictions

    A few quick predictions for the year based off of last night, trying not to kneejerk here: - Mitchell Trubisky will fail to earn a first down in the 2018 campaign. Small sample size yesterday, sure, but the writing is on the wall for Mitch. - Anthony Miller will have 16 receptions in 2018...
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    I can't help but think about how exciting excitement can be if you're properly excite

    *** DISCLAIMER: The following is a non-premium contribution and the opinions therein are mine and mine alone *** I specifically remember back when I was wee, my mom said she was going to bring me a toy back from the store, but only if I was a good boy, mind you. I was good. I stood in the...