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  1. Rodgers posts cryptic tweet, is he leaving Green Bay?

    I bet he stays in GB. He is an attention freak.
  2. Bill Polian: Finding The Right Head Coach For Your Organization

    Please No. Not Frazier! I’m from eastern South Dakota. Lots of Viking fans here and I watched many of their games when he was the head coach. Zimmer has been way better than Frazier. Viking fans could not wait for him to go. This would be a mistake.
  3. David Wandstat segment on the Score this morning revealed that Nagy hasnt even spoken with Eddie Jackson about the missed touch play or any busted up

    I’m curious. How does Wanny know that Nagy hasn’t talkd to Jackson? Is he in the locker room or on the plane flight home?
  4. Would you trade Justin Fields for Aaron Rodgers?

    No way am I doing that.
  5. Chris Simms NFL Draft QB rankings

    I watched Mond quite a few times on tv. He might b the Dak Prescott surprise of this draft. Played vs great competition his whole career.
  6. Pace and Nagy:Gun to head you have to extend one and fire the other...

    Fire Pace, keep Nagy. Pace failed big time in choosing the most important position in sports-quarterback. He actually failed twice: Trubisky and Glennon. Remember-he had a high grade on Glennon when he came out of college. I cant describe the incompetence of that. Nagy is 25-15 as head coach...
  7. Foles

    How many times this year has Mooney been open over the top for a touchdown? I bet Foles has missed him 5-6 times. Twice last night. The first one he threwthe ball too far to the inside where the safety came over and was able to effect the play. Throw that ball just a little to the outside and...
  8. Trey Lance is a possibility

    No, I do not trust Pace to draft another quarterback. His evaluations are definitely flawed. He had a high evaluation on Mike Glennon and now the Trubisky fiasco. You cant tell me these mechanical flaws weren’t present in college. So you either drafted him because you did not recognize the flaws...
  9. Robert Quinn likely out Sunday

    2 practices=1 sprained ankle. Should know better than to sign someone that played in Dallas.
  10. Biggest WTF play that you remember?

    It was Trestman.
  11. I have lost all faith in Pace.

    More like a trade for Foles or Dalton. I would prefer Cam because I think he is going to ball out next year but dont think its in the cards.
  12. Tape Never Lies | Final Game vs Vikings.

    Every time I watch one of these I am appalled at the play of Leno. I dont carehow much we are paying him next year, I would hope the bears are planning on bringing someone in to compete with him. He got married, had a child, and got paid and he apparently completely forgot how to play football.
  13. What we need on Offense

    Agree on the post about Leno. I specifically watched a bunch of his snaps yesterday. Embarrassingly pathetic. There were times he did not even touch the guy he was supposed to be blocking.
  14. Prior to being down 21-3

    Nagy came here and brought the Andy Reid offense with him. Its the only one he has coached and the only one he knows how to coach. Trubisky does not fit well into that offense. The oline pass protects better than run blocking because they do so much more of it in this offense. I believe the...
  15. Trubisky Calls Out Nagy

    In 2017 under Fox and Loggains with Trubisky a rookie the bears offense was putrid. So wehire a new offensive minded coach, draft and sign players to surround Trubisky. In 2019 bears are averaging 1.5 points per game more than 2017 and 11 total yards per game. Wow-what an improvement! This...
  16. Colin Cowherd swipes left on Trubisky, right on Mahomes, Watson as part of “best for last” fun Tinder themed game

    Who cares what Blowherd says. He throws a bunch of stuff out there and is only right about 50% of the time.
  17. The tape never lies!!! The Leno is rooster fighting edition

    My god-I knew the offensive line played terrible but had no idea it was that bad. There are few quarterbacks in the league who could play well behind that line.