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  1. Roquan taken off the PUP list

    It gets more interesting - there's a provision in the CBA that a player will lose an accrued season if they don't report to camp by the 30th day before the first regular season game. That magic date would be tomorrow, 8/11. Hold-ins are not excepted either: A player shall not receive an...
  2. Rapaport: Bears holding trade talks surrounding Teven Jenkins

    One of the few ways to piss off this coaching staff is by not giving 100% effort on every rep. He must've been at the top of the leaderboard in loafs after minicamp
  3. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Nagy country club is now closed - give 100% effort every snap or you will simply not play
  4. OC rumors

    Wouldn't have to look very far if they want to run Shannahan O with Klint Kubiak Klint Kubiak would also be an option. I like this, JF would flourish in that system.
  5. Matt Eberflus hired as Bears head coach

    Eberlus, great. Why not just re-hire Lovie Smith
  6. Curious what people's issue is with Dan Quinn?

    Right now you can add a great DCs without elevating them to HC but that's not the case for OCs... both Fangio and Martindale are better DCs than Quinn or Eberflus IMO
  7. Giants hire Joe Schoen (pronounced Shane, but we don't care because it's the Giants)

    It's really depressing to be a Bears fan. Shoen/Daboll would've been something to get excited about but it sounds like we'll most likely end up with Brown/Eberflus pairing. The Colts aren't some great organization that's on the cusp of greatness like the Bills are. Nothing special IMO. If you...
  8. Pros and cons of Matt Eberflus

    So we'd be switching back to 4-3 with no viable 3 technique plus he'd presumably bring in somebody from Colts staff to run the same (Andy Reid) offense?
  9. How could the Bears have been so wrong about Matt Nagy? Let’s reminisce. (R. Morrissey)

    I sure hope they go all out to hire somebody with HC experience this time around. Bears have chased the hot OC/DC candidate for the past +30 years and it's been a disaster.
  10. Dalton really made this offense better huh ?

    Was Fields even that bad yesterday? I thought he was playing pretty well before the sack/fumble in BAL territory. He then became uncharacteristically erratic so I'm thinking the rib injury was sustained on that play.
  11. Is Wide Receiver the Bears No. 1 Weakness?

    There are bigger holes to fill at C, OT, NT, CB, FS, SS. NT maybe should be higher given Goldman's regression this year - he has 4 tackles through 5 games with 0 sacks and 0 TFLs. Absolutely disgraceful that this guy is still a starter.
  12. Justin Fields left Matt Nagy on read

    There's also this gem from the same presser: Reporter: "Were there times you were looking for him (Matt) and seeing Chris Tabor and not knowing what to do?" Fields: "I don't really understand the question..." Reporter: "You normally talk to Matt during the game and stuff, right?" Fields: "Not...
  13. Did Pace pick the wrong QB again?

    Mac was the most NFL-ready with the highest floor. It should surprise no one that he is off to a decent start. I still like Fields' upside long-term, just need to pair him with the right HC that will build the offense around his strengths.
  14. Aaron Rodgers 'I still own you'

    If this national embarrassment expedites Nagy's departure then we owe a debt of gratitude to #12
  15. Bill Lazor on offensive collaboration (Thurs. Oct. 7th Presser)

    I think some folks are selling Lazor short here. Small sample size but the results with the Bears have been excellent so far. Sometimes coordinators just need to be paired with the right playbook to really take off.
  16. Dungy and Brees on Bears

    At this point, I think Nagy has earned the right to take over the nickname 'QB Killa' from Warren Sapp
  17. Blown Coverage, or Bad Defense?

    Here's a thought - stop trying to replicate the previous coordinator's scheme and hire a DC with a proven track record and give them the freedom to install their defense (ahem, Mike Pettine is still on the payroll). Instead of doing that, we've now had 2 DCs who are either completely...
  18. Bill Lazor Interview - Wed. Sept. 8th

    Lazor is legit as OC. I still can't believe Nagy prioritized his pride over the team when he took back play-calling duties late last year. I guess he's staying true to his 'Be You' mantra but it's too bad he's a stubborn egomaniac.
  19. Cuts/trades across the league

    I'm not sure which reporter asked this question but wouldn't the logical follow-up to this be "why then did you feel you had to trade up to draft Jenkins?" Pace is full of sh!t