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  1. Dumpster Fire

    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Quality pass break up in that video clip, plus he tipped the ball up that Eddie picked off. Vildor played extremely well for a backup CB. I hope he continues to ball out.
  2. Dumpster Fire

    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Vildor had the tipped pass on Eddie's pick, I believe. I thought Vildor had a pretty good game overall, but I may be forgetting some times he was lost in coverage?
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Fields looked great in preseason game 3 without Myles Garrett in his face. Now the regular season is here and he’s rattled a bit. Let’s see what happens this weekend. A lot of things have happened on broken plays so far. I’d like to see some sustained drives with quicker reads this weekend.
  4. Dumpster Fire

    What is Justin Fields ceiling?

    His ceiling is all-time best QB in a Bears uniform.
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Pretty great analysis from Tim Jenkins, imo.
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    I think Velus will be ok. I hope the team is just being extra cautious. He’s losing valuable reps and experience though. I am optimistic that he can immediately come back and add value as a returner, and I am excited to see what Getsy can do with him. Still, right now he’s the most...
  7. Dumpster Fire

    Top 10 Rookie Standouts (Bears have 2)

    I knew Robinson would be one of them, but I wasn't sure who the second rookie would be. My guess was Brax, but for sure Brisker is the guy. Kudos to Ryan Fucking Poles!
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    One Tevin Jenkins Play

    There was a sideline report before the game saying Patrick was the first guy on the field and he didn’t have anything on his hand. Does he possibly get a new club applied before each game?
  9. Dumpster Fire

    One Tevin Jenkins Play

    He also seems to have that "Kyle Long" type of it-factor where he plays with an attitude while always supporting his teammates. Hopefully he stays healthy and continues to grow.
  10. Dumpster Fire

    QB School: Fields Week 1

    Nothing felt gimmicky in this offense. There were very few head scratching play calls overall. It felt like a competent scheme. I want Luke Getsy to stay in Chicago and see what he can build as a play caller for Fields. Don't leave for some dumpster fire franchise after one year, stay with...
  11. Dumpster Fire

    Guys, Fields honestly was not good

    I thought Lance had a way better first half. He had a nice throw towards the left sideline where he dropped it between a couple of defenders. He was dangerous in the run game, the tough run on 3rd and 13 to gain the first with his shoulder was a good play for Lance. He was off target a bunch...
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    New QB School just dropped I think O'Sullivan will make as many Fields videos as he can as it must be good for traffic.
  13. Dumpster Fire

    Guys, Fields honestly was not good

    The scramble throw to Pettis was a great play. That’s the Aaron Rodgers shit that ruins my week, and we have a QB doing it to our opponent. It feels good. I’ll take that and keep rolling with Fields. No fumbles today, in shitty conditions. Another good thing.
  14. Dumpster Fire

    Would the Bears get at least a third round pick for Fields?

    Give me a choice today between Murray and Fields...I'm sticking with Fields.
  15. Dumpster Fire

    So I watched last year's 9er's vs Bears game again last night....

    Any given Sunday. It is asinine to think a team doesn't have a chance vs any other team in the NFL. Parity is real. We see upsets every weekend.
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    With Teven Jenkins not likely to start with Patrick's return Bears should trade him

    The Bears are undermining Jenkins at every turn by…..playing him at RG in training camp, preseason, and listing him as starting RG on the depth chart.
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Coke Kmet looks to be in really good shape. I think all of the reps with Fields will be incredibly apparent.
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    Preseason film breakdown of Kellen Diesch

    It is really interesting that he chose the Bears over the Dolphins. I’d like to hear his reasons for doing so.
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    A couple very interesting nuggets re waiver claims

    Seems to be a huge emphasis on run blocking across the roster. I hope it pays off with Monty regularly ripping off huge runs.
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    Practice Squad Tracker

    Peterman can go. I am not that high on a Nsimba Webster either.