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  1. Unannounced Fart

    Bears/Texans picks are in

    Of course I'll be watching, but objectively speaking, this is probably the worst game on the board this weekend.
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    Do you guys realize that the total in this game opened at 40.5.... It was 23-17 when Pit fumbled with no time left and Cleveland recovered in the end zone for the meaningless TD that pushes the game over. What a bad beat for those who bet the under LOL
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    I would like to know where all the gambling was tonight?

    The line opened at -9.5 and closed at -10.5, which means most people were betting on Green Bay.
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    Weather forecast 2day ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈

    Field looks absolutely horrible.
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    How much have you ever bet on the bears and what kind of bet did you make with those duckets?

    Don't laugh, but I put down $1,500 at +1400 odds in Vegas for the Bears to win the 2020 Super Bowl.
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    2022 Annual CCS Pick 'Em League

    I'll be in for this as well.
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    Monty on ST?

    Seattle used to play Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman (in their primes) on ST. In Thomas' case, it was both on returns and coverage. At any rate, Montgomery seems like an odd fit on ST.
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    For those watching Bears Games via VPN

    1. I use international Gamepass and use my US based credit card. No problem with it at all, they don't care that it's a US address. 2. I use NordVPN. Look for discount codes, they always have 60% discounts going on. Really easy to use, simple interface. 3. I've been using UK for the VPN.
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    The Packers have worse receivers than the Bears

    LOL at the Packers WRs being a "formidable group." More like a bunch of unproven guys and aging vets. Do they compare favorably with the Bears WRs? It's arguable, but the Bears have one of the worst WRs groups in the league, so that's nothing to be proud of. At the end of the day, they have...
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    NFL+ Streaming Service

    I ditched Directv a couple years ago and paid for NFL Gamepass. But the caveat is that I bought Gamepass using a VPN outside of the US. I opted for Europe. That way, I have access to every single game, plus all the other perks that Gamepass has. So yeah, I have to jump through an extra hoop...
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    O/T: NFL Sunday Ticket is down to Amazon, Apple or Disney

    Currently, Amazon owns the rights to Thursday Night Football, and you can watch it on Amazon (or Twitch, which is owned by Amazon) for free if you have Amazon Prime. And the feed is also a few seconds ahead of the TV broadcast. I wonder what they will charge if they get the Sunday package...
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    What Bears have you hung out with

    Atrain was just a quiet guy in general from what I recall.
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    What Bears have you hung out with

    Didn't "hang out", but we sat a couple seats away from Gale Sayers at a game. I'm not one to ever bother "celebrities" when I see them, but my gf at the time asked for his autograph. He grabbed the pen and paper, signed his name, and gave it back to my gf all without saying a word or making...
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    PFF ranks the Chicago Bears wide receivers as the NFL’s worst

    Why this guy keeping a spreadsheet of dudes hand sizes? 🤔
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    Bears Schedule Release

    SF opens up as 6.5 point favorites at Chicago.
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    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    How do the Vikings have any control over that?
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    But if Brady doesn't throw a TD next season, then it'll still be worth something!