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  1. NCChiFan

    Really, 2021 couldn't just go out quietly... It had to take one last shot... Betty White has passed...
  2. NCChiFan

    Vikings have a problem

    I'm reading OL starting Guard tested positive for Covid. Contact Tracing may sideline more OL for Minny. But who knows, it is the internet. Edit: Vikings' Dru Samia tests positive for COVID-19 before trip to Chicago
  3. NCChiFan

    How is this possible?

    Bears lose 2 DL and get immediate free agent Replacements. We lose a host of O lineman.... <crickets>.
  4. NCChiFan

    I believe i was rocked awake this am

    Largest earthquake to hit NC in over 100 years. 5.1 about 9km down about 100 miles from me. Not sure I've been rattled like this before... Yea, never lived in CA except my first 3 mo... no recollections there...
  5. NCChiFan

    Possible OLB? Interesting take, mainly how Pigano usually Carrie's more OLB's.
  6. NCChiFan

    The best standout player from each team so far and ESPN goes with...

    Sowell, TE for the Bears. Have I been missing some early OTA tweets?
  7. NCChiFan

    One or 2 games for Bellamy and Miller?

    Does that mean we will see some White sitings?
  8. NCChiFan

    You know you're in trouble when...

    Weather channel reporters show up in town.
  9. NCChiFan

    What to do when your favorite brewery has gone over to the Dark Side...

    InBev purchased Wicked Weed Brewing... I'm still depressed by the move. I spent a couple nights a week on average at the Brewery and now many of my friends have turned their back on WW for becoming part of the "enemy". InBev is seen as anti craft beer and worse, they purchased from Miller all...
  10. NCChiFan

    ESPN blood letting has commenced...

    Of note: ESPNW and ESPN Chicago Columnist Melissa Isaacson has been let go.
  11. NCChiFan

    Prince Amucka... CB...

    Bears pick up a CB... Prince Kelechi Amukamara... big CB... injury concerns... 14 games last year for JAX. 670 the score reporting.
  12. NCChiFan

    Mariota, what a bust

    Him with Whitites, broken leg syndrome... Am I right?
  13. NCChiFan

    Great to see Chicago turn out for the parade.

    Wish I was up there to join in. :cubs::cubs::cubs::cubs::cubs:
  14. NCChiFan

    Is it possible these injuries are somehow planned?

    In all my years of watching the Bears, going back to the 60's, I can't recall a Bear team with this many injuries. This isn't about Fox or Pace unless they have a plan on drafting real high next year. Is this their answer to tanking a year? Soon as you get a boo boo, you're out 4-5 weeks? Or...
  15. NCChiFan

    Need some help...

    I do not get to watch a lot of Bull's games down here in NC, last time was probably a month ago. My question is about D. Rose. How long has he been playing like the old, pre, pre injury D. Rose? I was all kinds of surprised last night at his play. Attacking the hoop, not settling for 3 pt...
  16. NCChiFan

    OT: Manning to start for Denver in the playoffs on Sunday.

    I don't think this is a good move. But, hey, I don't really care what Denver ultimately does, unless it involves Von Miller to Chicago for a 5th round pick, and them picking up part of his salary. :lol:
  17. NCChiFan

    Is Darling playing himself into a starting position with a team somewhere?

    How long do we have him tied up for? I know 3 games don't make a career, but man he has shown some steady, if not outstanding, net minding. Color me impressed.
  18. NCChiFan

    Are you sure we are drafting a OLB?

    The list of LB's that are Bears has grown exponentially... Houston, Bass, Allen, Young, Bostic, Greene, Brown, Jones, Lattimore, McClellin, McPhee... 11 guys for 4 spots. This is before we draft anyone. How many LB's do 3-4 teams carry? I know it can't be 11 or 12 or 13 if we draft 2 more...
  19. NCChiFan

    BTW: Russel Wilson yesterday answered the question, can the Bears win a big game

    with Jay Cutler. Seriously, what a horrific Cutleresq performance by Wilson, and yet, he still won. There you have it. :bizarro: :bizarro: :bizarro: :bizarro: