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  1. 46FEVER

    Bud crawford stream

    Anyone got a stream to the fight please pm me.
  2. 46FEVER

    Redzone before the Mooney td..

    Why is Fields in shotgun and not running the clock? Steelers had 1 timeout. Trust your qb to move the ball and burn some clock. Just another example of either puss poor clock management.
  3. 46FEVER

    Qb1 week one

    Who starts week 1?
  4. 46FEVER

    Sleeper pics...

    Round 2 Connor Cook round 3 Maliek Collins. Thoughts?
  5. 46FEVER

    Oline-Chilo Rachal

    Other than a few false start penalties, I thought Rachal had a decent game at LG. He was o.k. at pass protection and along with Garza looked real good early on in the running game. I think Spencer lost his job for good. On the other hand, Webb once again struggled on the proverbial "island"...
  6. 46FEVER

    In your opinion, who should be the starting oline in Week 3? GB Loss blessing in disg

    Considering how the run blocking; especially on the left side hasn't been as good as it should have been, who do you think deserves a chance in week 3? Here's what I think should atleast get a look. It couldn't perform worse than what we've seen already. Carimi C. Williams Garza C...
  7. 46FEVER

    What will you be watching for tonight?

    Obviously I'll be watching the Oline, hell who won't be. But on Offense, I'm also going to be watching the TE battle between K. Adams and E. Rodriguez. IMO, ones going to make it most likely E.R. and if Clutts sticks, I think Adams is gone. Going to be an important night for Booker and Allen...
  8. 46FEVER

    Peyton Manning

    Peyton has thrown zero touchdowns and three picks so far this preseason. Is there reason for the donkeys to be worried? Two of the passes were tipped, including the pick M. Wright got. So, is Peyton showing rust or will he recover to take Denver to the playoffs? Personally I think if Denver can...
  9. 46FEVER

    a damn new place and damn glad to be here

    Did I mention I'm damn glad profanity isn't frowned upon? :lol: Joined in the beginning but haven't contributed too damn much yet. Lookin forward to adding to or occasionally taking away from the topic at hand.... BEARDOWN!
  10. 46FEVER


    Hey all, just joined up and would like to thank everyone involved for this site! Been a bears fan for many years stuck in Nebraska with mainly Puker and viqueen fans and a few bandwagon chiefers. I had the joy of watchin Mike Brown play his college ball first hand and has been a personal...