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  1. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Giants (Journey to the Midday Tourney in North Joursey Edition)

    What kind of fucking defense is this? High school kids do better to contain
  2. Bears Schedule Release
  3. God, what a bunch of menstruating drama queens... Bears got BETTER.

    I just don't understand the bemoaning and complaining. No one knows if the 3 guys they drafted will be any good. If they drafted 3 guys that everyone wanted, no body knows if they would be any good. What I do know is that no one on this board is a NFL GM. I'm willing to let it play out and...
  4. Not surprising that WR wasn't taken in second.

    Not sure if this is a shtick or just a genuine comment but as someone who knows something about racism can we be REAL careful of how we throw this out?! I ask out of respect before I don't
  5. Bears sign corner and TE

    I believe both are one year contracts. Good solid NFL depth players
  6. What Has to Happen, Pessimists?

    I can respect your outlook. I'm not impatient as a fan but I also don't belive in developmental years in the NFL. You are one hit/injury away to your QB to having more developmental years. While I can appreciate what Poles is doing in trying to build expectations and fun are in...
  7. What Has to Happen, Pessimists?

    Joe, you and many others say record doesn't matter. I understand the premise BUT I'm not so easily ready to throw in the season. NFL seasons are precious, there are very few rebuilds in the NFL like you saw with the Cubs 8 years back and white sox about 4 years back, unless you are the Detroit...
  8. Lovie smith's revenge

    They may already have a pretty good young QB
  9. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Logic does not fly with this forum. Some would rather bitch and moan with their own narrative
  10. Larry O a No Go....

    Fletcher Cox!!!????
  11. Larry O a No Go....

  12. Byron Pringle!?!?

    This is a good pick up for this offense
  13. O'Donnell signed by the Packers

    Pat O'Donnell has not been good for a while. This is not a the money and get a rookie punter.
  14. Pompei: "Why didn't the Bears want Jim Harbaugh as head coach? It's a mystery."

    Lol.....the amount of people pimping for Harbaugh, guy who has won nothing and beaten ohio state once, is also meatballish. If he goes to Minnesota for 10 years and 100 mil, then they will regret that ultimately after about 3-4 years. I will agree Fangio would be the biggest problem.
  15. ESPN rates Bears hires

    In all honesty ESPN is terrible and what I have learned that most of their guys have no clue of what they are talking about. They have about 5 nfl teams they love and cover, everyone else they just spew garbage information.
  16. Report: Bears offer OC job to Packers QB coach Luke Getsy

    Don't use doesn't fit the narrative of many here.
  17. Rich Bisaccia for ST (If passed over for HC job)

    Love this if it happens.
  18. DaBearsBlog credibility

    I really don't know how I feel about Caldwell.......
  19. DaBearsBlog credibility

    I like surfing this message board because it is about my favorite team. I enjoy reading posts from guys/gals who make good posts and points, even if I disagree. But some of these dudes here have nothing of any intellect to share. They try to out do each other with meatball comments, which can...
  20. DaBearsBlog credibility

    I don't call radio stations bro. Have better things to do in life. I do turn on for entertainment purposes as I'm running my errands. So not sure what your point is?