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  1. A CRAZY idea to "improve" baseball

    One of the complaints you hear about baseball is how few times the best players in a line up can get an actual chance to affect the game, especially later in the game. This is due to the fact that you have 9 players on the field and you have to go through the line up to get back to the top. What...
  2. What pick do you think the Cubs wind up with in the next June Draft?

    With a dozen or so games to go for each team, the Cubs currently sit in the #8 slot. With the records of the teams worse than the Cubs, they could possibly get to #6 unless the Nats go on an insane run. I think the Cubs win 3-5 more games this season. They probably end the season with the #7...
  3. Well, the "Indians" will never win another World Series

    Just saw the breaking news on ESPN that Cleveland will no longer go by the mascot of the Indians. No word yet what they will call themselves for the 2021 season or when a new mascot will be announced.
  4. Let the crazy ideas begin here.

    Just read an article on ESPN about Boston wanting to get under the threshold next season. So the crazy idea is Bryant and Quintana for Betts and Sale. The Cubs would get the upgrade in players and Boston would get the salary relief they want. Let the flames hit.