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    David Montgomery

    Been fuming on this very subject since Sunday.
  2. NCChiFan

    Tracking Bears season numbers

    Yet Trubisky is the starting QB in Pittsburgh. Also, it isn't us that has to be convinced, it isn't us to analyze the tape, it isn't us getting or not getting open, it isn't us calling plays. All of this falls on the coaching staff and the GM (who didn't look to pleased last night). Bears...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears at Packers (The Prime Time 🐓tease In The Land 'O Cheese: My QB Got Steez Edition)

    Yup, that and going away from Montgomery for 3 series, or was it 4.
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    Is it time?

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    No... no it isn't. Just spent 4 hours in the ED... I'm passing a Kidney Stone, 3mm... So to make this positive, I was given a script for serious pain medicine and told to drink a lot of beer to help pass it! He didn't have to write a prescription for the second part. Have that covered! Weee...
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    118 28 pts
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    Guys, Fields honestly was not good

    I sure hope Fields is this bad all season long, winning every game by 9.
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    The True Reason Why We Beat the 49ers

    Great... Just f'n great. I get to the sports bar at half time. Stupid place is jam packed, 2 deep even at the bar. Barely managed to get a Coors lite via a bottle and the Bears turn it around. NOW you're telling me I'm stuck with Coors lite? Damn it.
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    Anyone else worried about the offensive tackles?

    Nope. Tackles, considering experience, years in the NFL and who was across from then, not in the least.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs 49ers (JUICED 2 introDUCE DA eberFLUS Edition)

    Where the Bears suppose to win this game? I'm confused!
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    Allen Robison What Happend?

    ARob still suffering from a Bear hangover?
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    Patrick might not start week 1

    How did he misunderstand,, unable to snap just yet? :speechless:
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    Patrick might not start week 1

    I'm guessing you did not actually read the article? Or, the fact Patrick, though practicing, has yet to snap a football could mean he isn't physically ready with his surgery repaired thumb to play.
  14. NCChiFan Power Rankings

    Vegas at 6.5 wins, I would take the over. Several reasons why... O line talent is better. Coaching is better. Weaker schedule than last season. Defense looking solid, in fact, the team is looking better attitude wise, on field presence wise at least to this point.
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    Did you draft any bears in your fantasy football leagues?

    There is a name missing from the OP's list for some leagues. I play in a league that has 4 defensive starters instead of a Defense. Roquan gets picked high on that type of league as well.
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    Teddy Retiring Discuss

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    New WR Smith-Marsette. - Character Concerns?

    Wait, what! >off to go search the internet<