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  1. policeman

    Trubisky college QB Coach

    Interview in the Trib with Trubisky's QB coach at NC. Fluff piece- to be sure- but some pretty good stuff if you are willing to read. Two things jump out to me: 1) Trubisky would, frequently, go whole practices without an incompletion. I recall Jim Flanigan- former Bears d-lineman- joining the...
  2. policeman

    The Lamarr Houston Appreciation Thread

    Bears officially put Lamarr Houston on IR- effectively bringing his reign of terror to an end. I'd like this thread to hold any thoughts, well wishes, or remembrances of Lamarr. I'll start: I never really knew if you were a defensive end or a defensive tackle- you seemed pretty mediocre at...
  3. policeman

    Mock Draft Geeks

    A simulator. Enjoy.
  4. policeman

    Bulls win 48 games- so says CARMELO
  5. policeman

    Public Financing for new stadiums

    Brilliant bit by John Oliver:
  6. policeman

    Metal Gear Solid

    For anyone who played it- this is great:
  7. policeman

    Dan the Man

    If you don't suffer from ADD- and can make it through near 6 minutes- it's a very funny video:
  8. policeman

    Coffee Nerds

    What do you like? Share your favorites- puhleeze. Someone recommended these beans to me about a year back- superb- if you make your java at home. You can get them on Amazon- along with almost anything else you need- including Thai hookers.
  9. policeman

    How to win free agency? Don't play: SI article

    Nice article by Peter King- the bit about the Ravens and their comp picks is interesting (inside the link). Here's the first few paragraphs to wet your beak How To Win Free Agency: Don’t Play Think spending big will lead...
  10. policeman

    Marc Trestman beefcake photo

    Something you never wanted to see- on vacation in Florida with Josh McCown
  11. policeman

    Coach, what did you think of your teams execution?

    "I'm in favor of it." John McKay