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  1. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Giants (Journey to the Midday Tourney in North Joursey Edition)

    That was a phantom hold on Gordon, come on.
  2. Fields week 2

    Do you feel like any of this stems from last year with a crappy O line? Like PTSD from getting sacked so much he's having issues shaking?
  3. Reason for Optimism

    Honestly, why are you here? You're a Lions fan on a Bears board. It doesn't say in the URL. I don't see any Lions symbols or mention of Detroit anywhere. Is there not a Lions board that exists? Can't you go there?
  4. Hard to swallow pills...

    Fuck off Grimson.
  5. Guys, Fields honestly was not good

    He was running for his life half the damn game. Jesus.
  6. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs 49ers (JUICED 2 introDUCE DA eberFLUS Edition)

    Man I’m tired of seeing Fields run for his life.
  7. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    That's really a great question.
  8. O'Donnell signed by the Packers

    I’m not sure I understand what the Bears are doing at this point.
  9. Stafford now has as many SB rings at Rodgers..

    Right? They let them play all game, then throw two flags at the very end that decide it; one of them being the huge phantom holding call.
  10. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    I’m going to pistol whip the next person that says shenanigans.
  11. Meatballs' preemptive excuses.

    Give it a rest, Grimson.
  12. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Annual Northern Ownership Convention Edition)

    Can we please stop rushing Rodgers with 3.