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  1. Mdbearz

    The Top Rookies

    I'm hopeful for all the rookies, but B. Jones might be the "tallest midget" situation, he no doubt overcame his draft status, but he too could be upgraded. The fact that he was drafted in the 5th does allow for some levity....but should it?
  2. Mdbearz

    The Top Rookies

    We have a lot of rookies contributing/starting, but thus far Brisker and Braxton Jones look like pieces you can build around. Gordon has struggled, and I still hold out hope, but with JJ out, we really need him to take his lumps and start to figure it out.
  3. Mdbearz

    N'Keal Harry is N'HEALED Harry, set to return this sunday?

    He is a big target, so slants and drags and curls should be what he offers. I hope he can help but I doubt it this early after return.
  4. Mdbearz

    1000 post

    Quality over quantity!!! Be you...
  5. Mdbearz

    Is the HITS concept detrimental to playing disciplined defense

    I think it was a learning lesson, because later in the game DEs and Corners were shutting it down, but that was after 2 TDs. The Giants and just about every team we play focuses on containing the edge, but that allowed Fields a few opportunities to scramble off tackle, but most teams have had...
  6. Mdbearz

    Allen Robinson troll thread

    I must admit I thought they should keep him, before the season started last year. However, it did look like he made a lot of "business decisions" last year. There is no way you should pay a player $46M (31M guaranteed) for a 400 yard season, and it appears that he is on pace for something...
  7. Mdbearz

    Trent Dilfer breaks down Fields' performance against Giants.

    Not a fan of Dilfer, but when I watched the game back on "condensed version" I too thought I saw improvement early in the game. I for one think that he needs to figure out who to sell play action better.
  8. Mdbearz

    Is the HITS concept detrimental to playing disciplined defense

    The primary reason Daniels scored twice, is because outside contain was not maintained. Staying in your gap or containing the back side could be viewed as a "loaf" so over pursuit is what a lot of our guys did.
  9. Mdbearz

    Dealing with an incomplete roster..

    The problem with waiting to pick a QB until you are happy with the rest of the roster or you are certain the QB you have will never develop, is that you are not always in position to pick a good prospect. This last year was a very unique draft, in that only 1 QB was picked in the first round...
  10. Mdbearz

    I still believe in Fields

    I will continue to be patient because the reality is, he is young, he does not have a full year of starts in the same system, and honestly, I tend to hold out hope for too long. Call me a homer, but I still believe he can be very good, and it is just a matter of time till it clicks
  11. Mdbearz

    Justin Fields will have his 16th start against the Giants

    Yeah hard to argue with that...but like I said, I will likely hold out hope too long...
  12. Mdbearz

    Justin Fields will have his 16th start against the Giants

    So he is approaching the end of a rookie season..... I'm not trying to make excuses, just pointing out that he does not have a lot of game experience. The reality is there are a lot of very good QBs that struggled in the first year, two come to mind are Allen and Hurts both struggled in the...
  13. Mdbearz

    Justin Feilds/Jalen Hurts

    I like the way Hurts has improved, but make no mistake, the Eagles fan base (I live in Northern Maryland , and work with a few fans) was ready to move on at the end of last year,even with his final few games. Another point is that the play calling was a much different approach. Just look at...
  14. Mdbearz

    Trubisky vs Fields

    Are you sure you have not watched him with Pitt? :smug2: I watch week one and the only pass that he seems capable of making are the one over the middle that are flat, he has no touch, and is unable to make deep passes accurately. So no change....
  15. Mdbearz

    David Montgomery

    Monty had 15 carries compared to 4 for Herbert, if you look at it that way, it sounds like Monty is still the cow bell and Herbert is only giving him a rest. Herbert still had a better average, but both (8.1yds to 9.5yds) were pretty damn good, so sticking with the run made sense. Hard to tell...
  16. Mdbearz

    Waddle: Let Fields experience the game and make throws, good and bad

    When we run and we do not win people say we should throw more, when throw and do not win, people say we should run more........ Someone in another thread pointed out that the pass to run ratio was almost 50/50, but on the stat sheet it showed more runs, because when a passing play broke down...
  17. Mdbearz

    Whelp. The Bears are who we thought they were.. (FTO.... and FTP)

    Hey I said it was all optimistic, and your want to rain on my parade!! :) Yeah without a doubt if the Packers needed to get more points, I'm sure they would have played more aggressive like in the first half
  18. Mdbearz

    Whelp. The Bears are who we thought they were.. (FTO.... and FTP)

    Did anyone realistically think we were going to win? I was hoping for better results, but here is how I see it (all optimistic). Our running game showed life against a very good defense. Our Defense held the Packers to 3 points in the second half, after giving up 24 in the first half. We...
  19. Mdbearz

    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    I think "pretty damn good" is a little strong for the way Leno was playing right before he left, but yeah Pace cut him too soon, because we did not have a suitable replacement.
  20. Mdbearz

    Does Santos get a free pass due to weather?

    There was no "news" during TC about his kicking unlike 2019 competition, so I assumed that things were good. Fair or not, I too think he will have some eyes on him. On a side note there were a lot of missed kicks across the league this weekend, and most of them were not playing in a monson....