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    Meanwhile Zappe is up on Packers

    Is Zappe > Fields? QB hell for the Bears. Sad.
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    Fire Getsy

    Bears offense reverting to the 1920s and against a horrible Giants defense who kept dropping like flies.
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    Tevin Jenkins

  4. bears26

    Roster cuts (including cuts across the league)

    The deadline for cuts is 4 p.m. ET on 8/30/22.
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    Matt Eberflus hired as Bears head coach

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    Bears current draft picks

    ***UPDATED - 1/9/22*** 5 total picks. They cannot pick any higher than #38 and with a win on Sunday they cannot drop lower than #44. 2nd rd - #39 (could moved up to #38 if Panthers beat the Bucs due to swapping rds) 3rd rd - #71 5th rd - #145 5th rd - #148 6th rd - #186
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    Jaylon Johnson comments on the locker room - "tank"

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    Eddie Goldman - the unvaccinated idiot

    that is all. 1470865194951794691
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    Brad Biggs likes cheeks

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    Trade deadline day news

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    Tevin Jenkins - getting closer to returning

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    Bears better trade Allen Robinson before deadline

    There is no reason for the Bears to hang on to him. He has zero chance of returning, might as well get a draft pick for him. No chance they will get a comp pick for him next year either because Bears will be signing multiple free agents.
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    Biggs - WRs need to step up

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    Bears re-work Jimmy Graham's contract

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    Cuts/trades across the league

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    August 20th news

    No practice today
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    Training Camp - August 16

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    Training Camp - 8/12

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    Training Camp - July 30