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  1. vinson555

    Maybe Green Bays offense was only good because of Rogers

    Just think what it would be like if Nagy was still the OC... and yes I said OC for obvious reasons. And trust me, it's not the WR's. We've seen teams win with teams that don't have great talent at WR, but the scheme I think is a horrible fit for the Bears and part of me questions if they know...
  2. vinson555

    N'Keal Harry is N'HEALED Harry, set to return this sunday?

    I remember when people were excited we were going to run the ball again... And then we ran the ball.
  3. vinson555

    Rihanna to perform at Superbowl

    Well, this will be a halftime show I won't watch.
  4. vinson555

    Not getting an elite WR in the offseason is killing the Bears

    Everyone pissed about the Bears not getting an élite Wr doesn't remember the fact we had no cap really. Also about half a roaster on the team taking up the majority of the cap. Poles had to go 3rd 4th tier players just to fill the roaster. The only argument you can make is with the money we...
  5. vinson555

    David Montgomery

    The Bears Hired these guys to RUN THE BALL. we complain when we don't run, we complain when we don't pass... I feel like all of you just love to complain.
  6. vinson555

    Getsy should not be getting a pass… and the Oline is not very good at pass protection

    It's hard to know what is going right or wrong, but the big negative of this oline today I have to giveto Mumps and Borum. They don't look like NFL starters today IMO nothing we didn't know about Mumps. I'd honestly give Borum two more weeks to get better in pass pro and if it still looks bad...
  7. vinson555

    When will the Bears be a complete team and be able to make a playoff run?

    It don't matter how much money you have, if the right players don't come to the Bears it will be a problem. You might have made a bit of bad Press with F/A's with the Roquan Smith deal with players so far. I don't know how big an issue it was, but I'll give a big example with the Bulls Yeah, it...
  8. vinson555

    OC Luke Getsy points out Bears had 41 offensive snaps and he called 19 or 20 passes

    I wasn't able to watch the Packers game so I do not know what was going on and what went wrong. HOWEVER, if most of the passing snaps where under center, YOUR ARE DOING THE SAME THING WE WERE COMPLAIN ABOUT NAGY WITH. If this Oline is as weak as we think it is, with Jones and Jenkins being the...
  9. vinson555

    Not a single major sports reporter picks the Bears to beat the Packers

    Man, they are all going to look so bad when they are 0 and 2.... 1 and 1 for that other guy... tood bad I have to be at work while the game is going on. In fact have to miss the next 2 games.
  10. vinson555

    Teven Jenkins benched for Lucas Patrick

    Looking at that play, the only real blocker who takes an L is Montgomery, Borum I'd give a Neutral grade on but everyone else was a plus. Jones Held more than long enough and Jenkins was the biggest plus really getting wins or at least assisting in the wins on 2 49ers (I call the double team...
  11. vinson555

    OT- Khalil Mack

    If Mack wasn't getting hurt almost every year and wasn't over 30, Poles would have kept him and likely would have Quinn and Mack on the Edges and Robinson (if drafted still) would rotate in.
  12. vinson555

    Guys, Fields honestly was not good

    If the Bears look like this in 17 games and win 13 of them, will anyone care at the end of the season... and lets say NFC champ game and loses... We'd hate the L, but it be a hello of a first season for this new staff.
  13. vinson555

    Dominique Robinson (FTO allowed)

    I notice they started to double him late, so he must of been a problem for their line.
  14. vinson555

    2021 "Historic draft class"

    Also Herbert > Montey today.
  15. vinson555

    2021 "Historic draft class"

    Please tell me we are judging Fields on a game where the rain would be just bout Any Qb's worst nightmare. And a first time OC play calling was pretty bad in the first half. Well, it wasn't so much bad as it was predictable. You know the Bears and 49ers were going to run, a lot!, but how they...
  16. vinson555

    Rodgers talks more trash

    Can we get Corey Wooten to come out of retirement for one game?
  17. vinson555

    Who is the best offensive tackle on the roster

    Reiff likely the best technical, you don't play as long as he has and be a complete bum, even if you are average at best. Jenkins best potential and runblocker. I think the guy who might have the best fu0ture, pending how the year goes, I like Braxton Jones long term.
  18. vinson555

    With Teven Jenkins not likely to start with Patrick's return Bears should trade him

    Also if Patrick has to wear a cast to play, give me a Healthy Jenkins anyday.
  19. vinson555

    Niners Forum-Bears have no chance whatsoever.

    When you look at our team, we have a lot of role players and one of our top 5 players is an aging Talent in Quinn. Jackson has a bounce back year, Quinn still balls out. Gipson shows he can be a starter replacing Mack, Brisker proves he is the steal he claims he is, Defense can be a top 10...