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  1. Zion

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Vooch's 3-pt shooting ability has been grossly overstated is he even league average?
  2. Zion

    KC Johnson : Vuc making case as Bulls unsung hero

    It does seem like his good games fly under the radar, but when he has bad games everyone notices and points it out. I hope we see good Vuc in the playoffs, that's all we need from him. Just show up for the playoffs
  3. Zion

    Rate the last movie you watched

    I watched Joker. The most believable part of the movie for me was Robert DeNiro playing a two-faced elitist Hollywood asshole. Big stretch for him, glad to see he nailed it.
  4. Zion

    Dream car thread / Barrett-Jackson Auction

    A Ford F150 and a Ford F350 both look like absolute tanks next to the car I drive. I like parking next to trucks in lots because my car looks like a tiny shoe next to an elephant
  5. Zion

    I've finished watching every episode of Dragonball, from 1-153

    I'm just an old chunk of coal
  6. Zion

    Rodgers posts cryptic tweet, is he leaving Green Bay?

    Looking forward to our division becoming an annual battle between which terrible franchise is slightly less terrible than the other three
  7. Zion

    Dream car thread / Barrett-Jackson Auction

    I want this. I got a thing for sporty 2-seaters.
  8. Zion

    I've finished watching every episode of Dragonball, from 1-153

    Here's the backstory because you're dying to know. When I was but a wee lad in junior high Dragon Ball Z was very popular. But being the young ignorant kids we were, little did we know that there was a series in the 80s that preceded it called Dragonball. Watching it was necessary to understand...
  9. Zion

    Bulls expected to sign Tristan Thompson

    What's this about Kardashian nonsense? I like Kim, is that the Kardashian in question? Bring her to Chicago she's okay.
  10. Zion

    Ayo breakdown in the Ringer

    They also put out a video yesterday on Ayo
  11. Zion

    Zach LaVine injury update

    Maybe we should keep him on a minutes restrictions, no back-to-backs for a while. I mean we don't really NEED him until the playoffs...
  12. Zion

    Zach LaVine injury update

    Per Billy Donovan, Zach LaVine’s visit went “very well” and some “swelling was taken out of his knee.” He was given a lubricant and he’s cleared for activity within 48 hours. LaVine is eligible physically to attend All-Star. There will be meeting with Bulls doctors about minutes
  13. Zion

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Coby white is an elite 3pt shooter. I think we have enough sample size now to say that. And nobody will quote me 30 days from now to contradict this.
  14. Zion

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    40 points, 7 assists, 16-24 from the field. Stat line for the "worst FA signing of the offseason" according to the experts 🤣 DeMar DeRozan: first Chicago Bull since Michael Jordan to drop 35+ in 6 straight games
  15. Zion

    DeMar Derozan dunks on Jacob Poeltl

    This is one of those times you're reminded, oh yeah, DeMar is actually super athletic. He just doesn't show it most of the time.
  16. Zion

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Coby White's 3pt shooting is elite-level at this point. DeMar continues to be amazing. Correct me if I'm wrong but his career in the NBA doesn't indicate any kind of injury history. He's athletic but he doesn't rely on his athleticism, he's got kind of a old-man below-the-rim kind of game that...
  17. Zion

    Bulls injury update

    I have recurring discomfort in my knees too; knees are some sensitive bitches
  18. Zion

    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Coby, Ayo and Javonte's arrows are all pointing up. Ayo's floor game and vision is so good
  19. Zion

    Alvin Kamara police report

    She's a respectable foe