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  1. darkvirage

    Barnidge cut

    Just saw with the TE CLE drafted they have released Barnidge. Last year wasn't good, but the year before he played awesome. Could be a decent pickup at the right price. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  2. darkvirage

    Game posted on NFL Rewind?

    I was at the game against GB, so I wanted to re-watch so I could see the whole field better, etc. It says it gets posted 24 hours after the conclusion of the game for MNF games. Anyone know when it typically shows up? I just checked now and it still says unavailable, so I'm thinking it...
  3. darkvirage

    Antoine Winfield

    He just got cut or will be cut according to Wonder if we take a look at him for our NB. I know Frey has played well in preseason, but a little vet presence couldn't hurt while Frey grows into the role more. I've always liked him, I think he fits great in our defensive scheme. Age...
  4. darkvirage

    My Fantasy Football Dilemma

    I should preface this by saying I'm a poor SOB living in sucks! Twelve man non-PPR league. I draft 5th and it's a snake draft so my 2nd pick is not until 20. My third year doing Fantasy Football, this is the only league I've ever been in. I'm super competitive and I want to...