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  1. Aesopian

    Justin Fields will throw 250 yards today otherwise I won't start a thread for a week

    This is Justin Field's first game since meeting me. My greatness rubbed off on him, JF will throw for 250 yards or more.
  2. Aesopian

    Justin Fields will have his 16th start against the Giants Over the last three decades, the list of quarterbacks who had a sub-70.0 rating through 15 games is scary — only sparsely decorated with players turning that...
  3. Aesopian

    Justin Fields Mic'd up Week 3 *Video*

    Gained a lot of respect for Trevor Siemian watching this video. Justin Fields seems like he's stuck in his own head and that's common for shy introverts like Fields, he needs to just rely on his instincts and stop being his own worst enemy. His demeanor seems completely different this season...
  4. Aesopian

    WR's the Bears could trade for

    Bears are rumored to trade for WR. I don't want Bears to give up capital but I don't fully trust their ability to trade either. Regardless here are some guys that could be a Bears soon... Michael Thomas Bears will need to rework his contract to make it work but Thomas has been as good as ever...
  5. Aesopian

    Rihanna to perform at Superbowl I'm excited for some reason.
  6. Aesopian

    Daboll facetimes WR's Odell Beckham, TY Hilton, and Will Fuller in search of help Daboll is working hard to save Daniel Jones career.
  7. Aesopian

    Is Bryce Young The Future of the NFL? **Video**

    Alabama QB's are doing better than ever in the NFL Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones.
  8. Aesopian

    Year 1 of the Rebuild Mock Off Season

    Draft *Bears trade Robert Quinn to Eagles for 2023 3rd round pick & 2024 4th round pick Falcons draft QB Bryce Young Texans draft QB CJ Shroud Seahawks draft EDGE Will Anderson Panthers DT Jalen Carter Lions WR Jaxon Smith-Njiba 1[6] OT Paris Johnson Jr. [Ohio State] 6'6 295lbs Bears get...
  9. Aesopian

    [Infante] Justin Fields missing wide open WR's *Video*

    Comically bad
  10. Aesopian

    Justin Fields give pregame speech **Video**

    Does this seem awkward to anyone else? The team looks upset at him and JF seems like he doesn't want to do this.
  11. Aesopian

    USC QB Caleb Williams, WR Jordan Addison watch thread vs Oregon State Beavers

    Lincoln Riley brought Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, and Baker Mayfield to the NFL now that's he is with USC he's going to break the USC NFL QB curse. I haven't seen USC play in a while so I'm excited to see them play. Caleb Williams won't enter the draft until 2024 but Addison will be in the draft...
  12. Aesopian

    How will you spend your $50 tax rebate?

    Will you quit your job and leave off the profits?
  13. Aesopian

    Who's the best WR in the draft? *Way too early edition*

    Top three Kayshon Boutte, LSU (Explosive, 4.3 speed, pro comp is Ja'Marr Chase) By far the most explosive out of the three in this draft and it's easy to see why he gets compared to Chase so often. Boutte needs to improve his physicality when attacking the football in the air. He’s only...
  14. Aesopian

    What is Justin Fields ceiling?

    I don't see Fields turning into a Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck or Burrow level of talent who went through a similar struggle as Fields. It's just highly improbable. Justin Fields ceiling is probably Matt Ryan or Andy Dalton level QB.
  15. Aesopian

    CCS spotted at Bears game

    Which one of you guys is this?
  16. Aesopian

    What game will you watch tomorrow afternoon?

    Buccaneers vs Saints is my pick for the 12pm game, Tom Brady has never beaten the Saints in the regular season he did beat them in the playoffs but never not in the regular season. Cardinals and Raiders is my late afternoon game both teams have bad defenses so it should be a high scoring game.