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  1. BaBaBlacksheep

    My #1 worry about this offseason. (with bonus mock offseason)

    I worry about George. This season will be long. It will be hard on the fans... and as we all know, George is a fan. If Fields doesn't clearly take the reigns by the end of the season I could see George getting impatient and making some desperate move at QB. George is an idiot. He can't...
  2. BaBaBlacksheep

    Record predictions?

    I’m predicting 3-4 more wins the rest of season. So 5-12 or 6-11. What are you guys thinking?
  3. BaBaBlacksheep

    While we’re all praying JF can hit 250 yards today….

    I will accept nothing less!!
  4. BaBaBlacksheep

    Are we all bad people?

    After the Tua incident last night I’ve never seen so many people talking about how awful the NFL is and they’re “after your kids” etc etc etc…. Should we get the flags? Are we bad people for supporting this sport? (I think not, but some do)
  5. BaBaBlacksheep

    Florida CCS Members

    Y’all headed out of town? Stay safe this week!
  6. BaBaBlacksheep

    Cooper Rush

    Possible free agent target playing on MNF!
  7. BaBaBlacksheep

    If the Oline is so bad then….

    How did this happen?
  8. BaBaBlacksheep

    Heart OF LIONS!!

    Guys this team DOES NOT QUIT! 2-1!!! Playoffs here we come!!! Pound the rock! Defense wins championships!!! Woo HOO!!! 🐻⬇️ 😂
  9. BaBaBlacksheep

    Guys Fields is going to figure this out!

    Have FAITH! He is a young and ELITE TALENT… The guy has the HEART of a LION! POLES HAS ONE HUNDRED MILLIONS to spend next year!! Mark this down…. Fields will win a Super Bowl in the next 2-4 years….. after that….. 3 MORE!!! 🐻🔽 bitchez!!!
  10. BaBaBlacksheep

    Fields is really very inexperienced.

    This isn't a shot at Fields.... relax folks and bear with me. I forget who it was but someone after this last game made a post about just wanting Fields to throw it 30 times regardless of outcome because he needed the experience, and we needed to see him more to know what we have. Now this is...
  11. BaBaBlacksheep

    Why the double standard?

    I see a lot of people really down on Getsy after this last game. In his ROOKIE season as a play caller nonetheless! Does Getsy have a great cast to work with? Does he have a pro bowl QB? WR? An ass kicking oline? No! But everyone is all shitting on him in his second game calling plays...
  12. BaBaBlacksheep

    Dilfer on Fields/Packers (Bonus Alex Brown video)

    Very good stuff. Long, but much more informative than the usual CCS blather. A lot of you will find this lines up with how you felt about the game.
  13. BaBaBlacksheep

    Can I make a suggestion?

    Guys…. DRINK MOAR!! The Bears are sooo much moar fun drunk!! Like forget da twitters and podcasts anshit. Just drink the 2022 season away! 😂😂😂🐻⬇️🍺🍺🍺
  14. BaBaBlacksheep

    Brett Favre in Mississippi welfare scandal.
  15. BaBaBlacksheep

    QB School video on Fields

    Sorry if this is been posted elsewhere but haven’t been on CCS much today. Good stuff as always here.
  16. BaBaBlacksheep

    Having Loads Of Fun Tonight…

    …. reminding all my Cowboys friends that the Bears scored 3 TD’s to their none. 😉
  17. BaBaBlacksheep

    Cancer sucks

    Don’t have much to say other than that.
  18. BaBaBlacksheep

    Russell Wilson signs HUGE QB deal.

    Hopefully picking up Leatherwood’s guaranteed contract doesn’t hurt the Bears when it’s time to extend Fields. 😞
  19. BaBaBlacksheep

    Now that you’ve seen an entire Poles off-season how are you feeling CCS?

    We’ve been through the whole off-season now. Barring any last minute trades the roster is pretty set. The plan is evident…. go young. Develop the young guys. Don’t burn future draft picks. Get the cap right for the future. You guys happy? Not happy? Where we at CCS?
  20. BaBaBlacksheep

    Bears claim Leatherwood