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  1. MarkBear

    Brian Flores

    It looks from the diversity department that they are leaning towards minorities. Would Brian Flores be a good option?
  2. MarkBear

    Throwback Tuesday…does it still apply???
  3. MarkBear

    Bears = Mediocrity

    This organization loves mediocrity and I’m so tired of it. What you think is in the Bears future are far as ownership? You think the other share owners of the te can do something if they get a chance?
  4. MarkBear

    Night and Day

    This offense is night and day with Nagy not involve🤦🏾‍♂️
  5. MarkBear

    What’s up with the McCaskeys???

    Can you all help me on this? Do the owners care about winning? Or is it just the money? I would think winning games will build a bigger fanbase and more then you will make more money. Are they scared to do the right thing, because they are nice people and don’t want to hurt feelings, or maybe...
  6. MarkBear

    Why does Nagy has the play sheet?

    This asshole won’t let Lazor be the play caller. This is insane and I wish someone will fire his ass. Why are they letting him call some plays?
  7. MarkBear

    Oh boy Rob Quinn

    Him, Mack and rest are going crazy. Guess he still has it
  8. MarkBear

    Petition the Bears

    Can we call the Bears organization and petition Nagy to give up play calling😂😂😂
  9. MarkBear


    #freeLazor. Nagy is a buffoon
  10. MarkBear

    Mustipher and Ifedi have to go

    Both of these guys are ass cheeks
  11. MarkBear

    Will Ted go next year?

    Nobody is holding anyone accountable. If they have a losing or middle of the pack season, do you all think Ted is retiring?
  12. MarkBear

    Sweaty Teddy

    Do you all think Teddy is “retiring”. We need someone who won’t hire Eric A. to make GM hiring decisions.
  13. MarkBear

    Matt Nagy Playcalling???

    If he is calling the plays, can someone please take the sheet from him. The o line blocking doesn’t even look the same.
  14. MarkBear

    Have Nagy learned???

    You think we will see Patterson back splitting carries tomorrow??
  15. MarkBear

    Where’s the defense

    Defense getting gashed😐😐
  16. MarkBear


    Who said he sucked??? He is an animal
  17. MarkBear

    Chris Ballard/ Sweaty Teddy

    Was it true that Ballard wanted Sweaty T out of football operations, so that’s why did didn’t get hired?
  18. MarkBear

    New Playcaller??

    I was looking at the highlights on the Bears/ Titan game and towards the end of the game, looking at the you think someone else was calling plays?
  19. MarkBear

    A Damn Accountant as Prez

    How do the Bears think this was acceptable for a football franchise???
  20. MarkBear

    Kyle Long tweet😂😂