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  1. Zion

    I've finished watching every episode of Dragonball, from 1-153

    Here's the backstory because you're dying to know. When I was but a wee lad in junior high Dragon Ball Z was very popular. But being the young ignorant kids we were, little did we know that there was a series in the 80s that preceded it called Dragonball. Watching it was necessary to understand...
  2. Zion

    Do you think it might be a good idea to throw big money at Rodgers or Tom Brady when they retire?

    I think this franchise would benefit from having a HOF QB in the organization. We can't find one to put on the field, so why not wait for a Peyton Manning/Tom Brady type to retire and bring them in as a consultant or in some other FO or management role and just have them hang around the...
  3. Zion

    Do the Bears let Pace draft another QB?

    Question in title I know fans here would prefer he didn't, but do you think management will let Pace take another shot at drafting/developing a QB?
  4. Zion

    PFF: Bears need to move on from Mitch Trusbisky

    Posting video, without having watched it yet yeah yeah yeah I know, PFF sucks
  5. Zion

    Tarik Cohen has been bad and not enough people are talking about it

    Probably too distracted pointing out how bad Mitch has been. But Cohen has been atrocious, where is his head at? He plays in 3 facets: Return man, running back, wide receiver, and he's been atrocious in all three. He does nothing in the return game except signal for a fair catch. I expected a...
  6. Zion

    Akiem Hicks Breaks Down How to Make O-Linemen Look SILLY | NFL Film Session

    This is a few months old and I'm not sure if it was already posted here but it's a very good lengthy detailed NFL film feature on what makes Akiem Hicks an amazing player
  7. Zion

    Media hates da Burrs ranked Nagy as the 14th best coach in the league? Mitch ranked the 24th best QB coming off a pro bowl appearance, 12-4 season? Ranked BELOW a QB that was benched multiple times during the season. Wtf is going on. Sorry for the lazy thread with no links, I'm on the road on my phone
  8. Zion

    Bears extend Pat O'Donnel for 2 years and I'm not thrilled

    Megapunt, or megacunt as I cleverly call him (shoutout to Shoop) has been extended for another 2 years Yay? Who actually likes this guy, he sucks and has always sucked. Change my mind.
  9. Zion

    The loss is awful but, let's be honest, we weren't winning the superbowl this year

    Disappointment now or disappointment later. The Eagles kind of exposed us. The offense just isn't there yet and our vaunted defense got shut down pretty well compared to what the expectations were. Foles looked really comfortable back there, even for a guy who threw two picks. I thought the...
  10. Zion

    Does anyone have the first clue what was up with our returner situation this year?

    We have one returner who has a chance not to suck when returning, and that's Tarik Cohen. Yet all season long Nagy has inexplicably been putting slow-as-molasses Benny Cunningham back there, Josh Bellamy and I think he even let Mizzel do it a few times. The one time today we let Cohen return a...
  11. Zion

    We need to replace our kicker, our punter and our returner

    I know Parkey is deservedly getting the blame but Pat O'Donnell was not effective today in flipping field position and our returner situation has been bizarre all season too. Why the fuck are Josh Bellamy and Benny Cunningham returning kicks for us? Poor special teams cost us this season. It's...
  12. Zion

    Danny Parkins on Soldier Field air raid siren "This was all Nagy's idea" Cliff notes (around the 4:00 mark): he says a source confirmed to him that the air raid siren we hear this year at soldier field was specifically requested by Matt Nagy. Parkins goes on to say that...
  13. Zion

    Pace & Nagy drove to meet Khalil Mack at the airport blaring "Return of the Mack"

    Pace & Nagy drove to meet Khalil Mack at the airport blaring "Return of the Mack" When Ryan Pace returned home on the final night of August, he was drained. The Bears general manager was in the middle of a taxing weekend of roster cuts and felt the pressure of another regular season closing in...
  14. Zion

    Great News for the Bears: Colin Cowherd and Chris Broussard pick the Eagles to win I think Deion Sanders said the Eagles too? Now if we could get Stephen A. Smith on board we'd have the mush quadfecta
  15. Zion

    Is anyone else a little mad today

    Bears beat the cheese out of the Packers,and next day the media talk is all about Rodgers Bears beat the horns off the Vikings, and next day the media talk is all about Kirk Cousins Is this gonna happen every time the Bears beat someone? For such a big market it doesn't seem like the media...
  16. Zion

    Lions v. Packers and every other game today I guess thread

    It hasnt been 3 minutes into this Packers game and the announcers are already talking about how Aaron Rodgers is hobbling and how hurt he is and boo hoo
  17. Zion

    Sunday just got harder

    1078729956434345984 Probably unsurprising news to many
  18. Zion

    How would you guys rate the status of our division looking into next year

    Obviously this season isn't over yet and there's still the draft and free agency, but if you were to look ahead, how do you think this division is stacking up for the reasonably foreseeable future? Lions and Packers have had a ton of injuries this year, Vikings have some good wide outs and a...
  19. Zion

    The national media takes on the Bears this morning are lulzy Check out what Cris Carter has to say. He calls the Bears defense "Good, not great". Then he suddenly says the Rams aren't a great team (I guess because the Bears beat them, they're not a good team now.) Then the other guy keeps pushing the tired...