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  1. darkvirage

    1PM Conference call with George

    Final decision on GM will be George's...
  2. darkvirage

    Objective fans only: Clean slate for Justin Fields.

    He's looked widely inconsistent so far. I think a LOT of that is on who is calling plays and designing the offense, which we know sucks ass. The O-line is a mess, especially against a real good front like CLV, GB, LAR. He's made some poor decisions and he fumbles way too much - he's gotta learn...
  3. darkvirage

    Today Nagy said him calling plays isn't the problem

    That is the most succinct way to say it. He needs to lose the ego.
  4. darkvirage

    Nate Sudfeld

    Fuck that, I want the TE 88
  5. darkvirage

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Vikings (That's A Wrap Edition)

    Yup, been the main issue all season long. You can't be successful on offense when you consistently lose the line of scrimmage, especially against a bunch of backups. Get a new blocking scheme PLEASE!
  6. darkvirage

    What can save our Season?

    IR Long (hip) and bring Bars up over the bye week. Whatever it takes to get the running game going.
  7. darkvirage

    What can save our Season?

    Get the running game fixed. They have been too soft on the line. Do what you have to get that corrected. Use the bye week to bench Long and re-shuffle the line. Unfortunately they have to work with Leno, I don't think we have a better option at LT. What's so great about this Heistand fellow, again?
  8. darkvirage

    Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 [Raiders]

    The offensive line has been offensive this year. More than anything, that is what is holding the offense back I think. You have holding penalties being called on plays, and the back is still getting tackled for negative yardage. Pathetic. With the QB situation, they have to have a solid running...
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    Salary cap

    I think this might be the only way to keep the franchise tag in the next CBA. The players definitely want that tag gone.
  10. darkvirage

    Salary cap

    I agree the NFLPA would be against the idea from the get-go. I think the Bears still would have swung at Mack, they seem(ed) pretty convinced that the "window" is now.
  11. darkvirage

    Quietest great career I can remember

    Frank Gore has always been a class-act, and seeing him get the rushing record would be awesome. Not sure if he'll play another two years to make it happen, but I'd love to see him at the top of the list instead of Smith.
  12. darkvirage

    Salary cap

    They have something similar in the NHL where a player can sign a longer contract with the team that drafted them (thus spreading money over an extra year) versus getting a shorter deal in FA. I believe that is for RFAs, not UFAs. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it sounds similar to what...
  13. darkvirage

    Barnidge cut

    Just saw with the TE CLE drafted they have released Barnidge. Last year wasn't good, but the year before he played awesome. Could be a decent pickup at the right price. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Game posted on NFL Rewind?

    I was at the game against GB, so I wanted to re-watch so I could see the whole field better, etc. It says it gets posted 24 hours after the conclusion of the game for MNF games. Anyone know when it typically shows up? I just checked now and it still says unavailable, so I'm thinking it...
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    Antoine Winfield

    He just got cut or will be cut according to Wonder if we take a look at him for our NB. I know Frey has played well in preseason, but a little vet presence couldn't hurt while Frey grows into the role more. I've always liked him, I think he fits great in our defensive scheme. Age...
  16. darkvirage

    My Fantasy Football Dilemma

    I should preface this by saying I'm a poor SOB living in sucks! Twelve man non-PPR league. I draft 5th and it's a snake draft so my 2nd pick is not until 20. My third year doing Fantasy Football, this is the only league I've ever been in. I'm super competitive and I want to...