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  1. RoseMVP1

    Having trouble with internet since replacing my modem

    So my internet has been pretty bad since replacing my modem. I don’t really know shit about this stuff so I’m looking for some help. I decided to replace the modem seeing as how it was around 6 years old or so. It was an Arris Surfboard. I replaced it with an Arris Surfboard 6190(the only...
  2. RoseMVP1

    Lauri wants to GTFO of Chicago

    I can't say I blame him. It's sad what this once proud franchise has become.
  3. RoseMVP1

    Lauri shut down due to extreme fatigue/irregular heartbeat

    Hopefully he'll be alright. That would suck if this ends up effecting him long term. I remember watching that 4OT game against the Hawks and he really slowed down once they got in OT. He kind of just stood on the 3 point line. That kind of explains it. Wish him the best.
  4. RoseMVP1

    Otto Porter is now a Bull

    In exchange for Portis and Jabari, per Shams. There goes our cap space.
  5. RoseMVP1

    Lavine agrees 4 yr 78 million with Kings (Bulls to match)

    Bulls have 48 hours to match
  6. RoseMVP1

    Report: Bulls will be "sneaky" in free agency

    Woj started this rumor so you know there's truth to it. He doesn't typically miss. We have no shot at Paul George and LeBron, even if we had a better team, doesn't have the balls to play in Jordan's house. I'm guessing this means a play for Capela or Jabari. I hope I'm wrong. I don't have...
  7. RoseMVP1

    What does LeBron do in the off-season?

    So yesterday, several reports came out that should make the off-season for LeBron very interesting. The Lakers, a spot where many rumors had him going, apparently want to see what they have in their young guys next season and wait until 2019 for free agency. Then there was the reported heated...
  8. RoseMVP1

    Best place for fantasy football cash leagues?

    I've never done one before and was looking to set up a fantasy football league where each person puts in 50 or 100, however, I'm looking for recommendations on which site to use. I tried going on espn, but didn't see anywhere that I could do one.
  9. RoseMVP1

    Marvin Bagley III reclassifies to 2017

    Late last night, Marvin Bagley III announced that he would reclassify from 2018 to 2017 and will play at Duke. Considering the Bulls are going to be shit this year, I think this is a fairly big deal. He was the consensus top ranked player in the 2018 class and is held in the same regard, if not...
  10. RoseMVP1

    Bulls claim David Nwaba off waivers

    6'4 guard with a 7 foot wingspan. He played 20 games with the Lakers last year as well as in the G league. In the time he played, he was lockdown on defense. He may be able to stick if he shoots the ball well consistently
  11. RoseMVP1

    Cristiano Felicio re-signs 4 years 32 million

    I'm alright with that, that's probably about right for a player of his caliber. Hopefully Miroshit goes somewhere else
  12. RoseMVP1

    Jimmy Butler to the Twolves

    We get the 7th pick, Lavine and Kris Dunn.
  13. RoseMVP1

    NBA draft discussion

    Since we're only 2 months away, I figured it would be a good time to start discussing possible draft options. I'm going to assume that we acquiring more picks/a higher pick in this draft. A couple of guys that have a good possibility of falling to the Bulls at 16 that I like: Luke Kennard 6'6...
  14. RoseMVP1

    Weird question about memory cards for PC

    I need some help. I help run a bigger eBay business and so I constantly take pictures on a camera, put the card in the computer and upload images. One trick to help get things higher in the search is to name pictures, so every picture I take I rename to that product. After a while of doing...
  15. RoseMVP1

    Bulls sign Dwyane Wade to 2 year 47M deal
  16. RoseMVP1

    PS4 Help!

    So I just recently bought a ps4. About 3-4 weeks ago. When I set it up, I did it so it would just go into rest mode when I shut it off. I was stupid enough to think a Sony product would actually work properly. Now when I turn it on, it half way boots up then powers off. From the research I've...
  17. RoseMVP1

    BREAKING: Chicago Bulls trade Derrick Rose to New York Knicks

    D Rose Traded 😰 In exchange for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and a "bigger package". According to Woj
  18. RoseMVP1

    Hoiberg now calls out Jimmy...

    "We got off to a pretty solid start. Then some things happened. Most of that comes from the 1 comment by Jimmy after the NY game." Quote directly from Hoiberg, per KC Johnson Twitter. Well damn....
  19. RoseMVP1

    Report: Bulls turn down Celtics Apparently they offered 2 1st round picks, including the unprotected Brooklyn pick.
  20. RoseMVP1

    Bulls sign G Jordan Crawford

    Getting brought in on a non guaranteed camp deal. Has a shot at making the roster...potential low risk high reward.