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  1. Deebo wants traded

    It would take a 2nd this year and next years 1st. Then giving him 28-30 Million a year. That still might not get it done if the Jets offer the #10 pick this year
  2. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Bills keeping Bates. Darn
  3. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Only the Browns could do this. Give 230 Million and 3 1st round picks to a guy that may still go to jail.
  4. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    It's money. Mahomes contract next year takes a huge jump. WR is easier to replace with a great QB. Manning and Brady did it a lot.
  5. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Colts have the money and draft capitol. Not their type of move but if they want a title a WR upgrade is needed. They have always had a smaller type of fast WR.
  6. Holy Chit. (Big Packers trade). Who’s gonna play with Aaron’s balls now???

    Should be pretty funny to watch. Rogers has never trusted young receivers. When he has no go to receivers next year will be pretty funny. Even a couple FAs he won't know them.
  7. Virginia McCaskey Health Rumors

    Problem with that theory is there is not that much real cash on hand that one member will have. The NFL only allows so much of the Franchise to be held in debt. You can't just borrow 4 Billion and buy out the rest of the family. One member of the family might be able to stay on as a minority...
  8. ***OFFICAIL*** Khalil Mack Traded To Chargers For 2023 2nd & 6th Round Pick

    Send a 4th to Dallas for Cooper. Extend him this year or next. Cooper and Mooney would make a great WR tandem.
  9. Eric Fisher

    The problem is good LTs don't grow on trees. Hard to find one in the 2nd or 3rd round. FA LTs cost a lot of money. Jenkins is probably better than most we can get. If Fisher's injury was in 2020 he should be as close to 100% as he ever will be. With the GM and HC having recent inside info...
  10. OT Stafford acts like an ass in SB parade

    Looks like he did not see her but his wife did and she went over to check on her. They are offering to pay her medical expenses and replace the broken cameras.
  11. Matt Ryan On Bears New GM

    Yes, in year 2 or 3. I never considered him a first year hall of famer. Great player yes and he will get in.
  12. Cody Whitehair

    Lots of OL are not ready the first year or so and there is at least a 50% failure rate. Whitehair is a good average OG/C. He is just overpriced. I'd be ok with him moving back to C and get him some good coaching on hiking the ball in shotgun and punts.
  13. Pompei: "Why didn't the Bears want Jim Harbaugh as head coach? It's a mystery."

    That won't be the answer if he ends up being the HC of the Dolphins.
  14. Ryan Poles Head Coaching Interviews....

    The OC should be grooming the QB Coach and should be ready in 2-3 years to take over and keep the same system. Like what will happen in Buffalo.
  15. ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    Would think the new HC will have an OC set. If Caldwell needs a job later they can always bring him in as a Consultant
  16. ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    Just give Harbaugh 5 years $50 mill and be done with it. If he wants back in the NFL and win a Super Bowl like his brother he will take it.
  17. ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    Add Flores, Harbaugh, Day, and Daboll.
  18. ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    One report is he is a Vegan now after his medical scare. Is it true who knows.
  19. ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    I'd rather have Flores as HC and Caldwell as OC. He was Flores' 1st OC in Miami but had to step away for a medical issue.
  20. ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    If the search committee is really looking for the best leader to run the team like George said in the EOY interview, who are the best candidates? I’m just looking at who can gives Fields the best chance to develop like Mahomes and Allen. I end up liking Harbaugh, Daboll, and Leftwich.